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  1. Playing w/ compatibility mod. I cannot see the first target during training. From my perch between the boxes I cannot see the church yard at all. This is due to draw distance not going far enough. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. I will test tonight! I am most excited about the 300 m draw distance plus the extended enemy sight range. I also like the idea of it mattering if your teammates get smote during the campaign. Thanks a lot Wolfsong!
  3. Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to your update for 1.05 patch, and that I personally love the use of MULTICAM for the ghosts. Another detail I enjoy is that the Marines look better and don't have the failed XM8 as weapons.
  4. For those of you talking about tanks: You just got to sneak up on them very very carefully, plant C4, and blow them. Piece of cake right?
  5. Let me 2nd what NoQuarter just said, I LOVE 1911 GOODNESS. Can't wait till the weather improves so I can shoot mine somemore.
  6. I unbundled your entire mod and it works alright with the 1.05 patch. As you already said, you can't use the new GRIN weapons, but I could do the new coop map retrieve. However it looked like not all the kits where availible, not sure what's the story there.
  7. GLORIOUS!!! I can't wait to go home and install this guy! I also can't wait to play with the M240 next week. mmmmmm Support dude w/ m240, Me with Mk 12 & Sig 552, filled out with M468 guy & M4 w/ nades. Awesome! PS, MULTICAM is the bomb
  8. Argh! #1 was right, I forgot the decals folder under effects!!!! Thanks a ton Agent Smith!!!
  9. Thanks a ton. When I use your mod it works fine, when I try to switch around my Local folders and use that simple file nothing happens.
  10. Hopefully in the next patch I might be able to figure something out about this.
  11. I've got a little mod setup that is only Local/English/effects/decals.xml I have increased values on all sustain="15" but it seems to have no effect on making the decals stick around longer.
  12. Does anyone know how to make it so that the bullet hole decals stick around longer than 15 seconds? I editted the sustain="15" field in the decals document (in the effects folder) but it seems to have no effect. If anyone could tell me how I would appreciate it, it would greatly add to immersion to see the area all tore up after a wicked firefight.
  13. like this: - <decal_type name="bullet_hit_sheet_metal" soft_limit="120" limit="150" min_distance="3" projection="planar" size="15.0 15.0 5.0" sustain="1000" release="2" memory_limit="500000" diffuse_texture="bullet_mtl_sheet_mark_df" bump_normal_texture="bullet_mtl_sheet_mark_bm" render_template="bullet_decal"> <variation uv_rect="0 0 0.5 0.5" /> <variation uv_rect="0.5 0 0.5 0.5" /> <variation uv_rect="0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5" /> <variation uv_rect="0 0.5 0.5 0.5" /> Except it didn't change how long they stuck around. I did a Find/Replace on sustain="15" and changed all of them.
  14. Oh no you're doing great. I've tried to figure it out myself, looking in the effects/decals file. I changed the sustain="15" to "300" but that doesn't seem to help it either.
  15. One thing I miss the most from your GRAW 1 work is the bullet hole decals on walls, cars, etc not staying forever. That was an awesome effect because after a big firefight the environment looked like it had been through hell. The blood decals seem to stick around forever but the damage to the environment does not.
  16. Thanks, don't know how I missed that. I enjoyed your work in GRAW 1, can't wait to try these 2 out.
  17. Where is the download for the non Ultra Gore version?
  18. The gag is a very questionable move, I hope it is lifted. As for Ubisoft, it is better to let others think poorly of you than to take an action to remove all doubt.
  19. I love the look of those maps, I can't wait.
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