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  1. Guys, Does anyone know how you might go about running multiple instances of the game on same server? I assume you need to have it use different ports but I'm not sure how to set that up. We'd like to give it a shot. Any help would be appreciated. [Edit: Thread moved to Correct Forum (GR:AW 2 - Server Operators) - where there is already at least one thread about that]
  2. We were using Clanwarz for a week there and it went from being awesome to being the worst lag we've ever seen. Sadly the latter case was what we had most of the time so we just closed that account. Roco, we looked at Primary Target but they were the most expensive and XE told me they had all sorts of trouble with them a while back which is what made us look at DS first. We just tried out Defcon Servers and it's been flawless so far. We went for the 32 server setup and tweaked it down to 30. Excellent as long as you monitor the 400+ pingers that show up. The one thing that's bugging is is GameRails: 1) What's the cost of this software? Can't find a cost reference anywhere. 2) Does it work with GRAW2? Their "Supported Games" list doesn't include GRAW2 but I suspect it would see the supporting server and work. 3) Many of us are having issues with the trial. I installed it a week ago and had it running and then uninstalled it when I saw GRAW2 not listed. Now that DS supports GR I tried to re-install it and it won't go. It just crashes continually after install finishes. It even does it if I try to uninstall it. 4) Is there a way to get an A/B comparison to see how it's routing traffic?
  3. Guys, who out there rents GRAW2 servers? We're currently on Clanwarz and it's been both amazingly responsive but then later the worst lag I've ever seen. Their vent servers are the same thing. Great and then, poof, total crap. What other providers are out there?
  4. In the Message of the Day, the game supports the ability to process a carriage return so that the message can be formatted to be a few lines long. However, I cannot remember what you use to get it to do that. I've tried several approaches and none have worked. I just wish I'd saved the settings file that had it working.
  5. Guys, has 1.05 broken the ability to grab auto-screenshots and console screenshots? We can't get either to work these days. Nothing shows up.
  6. Three more items for us: 1) The count down for end of maps is often absent or broken up. 2) in the server settings there's a setting that suggests it will display the message of the day every 90 seconds (by default) which we would LOVE to have to remind people about our "No GL" policy. That way no one can say they weren't aware of it. After setting it up, nothing happens. 3) We tried the Advanced Anti-cheat server settings. That was a big fiasco. Within moments of the map refresh every single player on the server was kicked for lack of a response. Imagine my surprise to find I'm a cheat and so is everyone else! heheheh
  7. Wolfsong, Our Dedicated Server XML file wasn't touched by the patch. However, now our server is no longer giving us both sides of the map. We have the round and the match set to 13 minutes. Previously it would finish the 13 minutes say that the sides weren't even and flip us to play the same map from the other side. Now we're just getting one instance of the map and not the other. How do we fix that?
  8. Well, maybe another way in. We'll have to chat as I'm not going to touch on specifics here. FYI, don't listen to the naysayers. Thanks for the patch and the effort. We realize what you're up against. This will hold us for a while.
  9. We were under the map without being in the void.
  10. Okay: 1. We're getting drop-outs we didn't get before. People are just being kicked to the login screen in game. 2. There's a problem with accuracy and the number of people on the server. We've had it show down to 23 (of 26) and still not be able to join a game. 3. While it's great that several of the glitches on FORT have been fixed, the worst one that lets you get under the map is still there.
  11. Where does one get the update for the server software? I'm new to setting that part up for our clan and the person who used to do it (Specter) isn't on comms yet. Nevermind, I figured this out.
  12. On the auto-downloader, the lack of it is purely a dent in the longevity of the game. Custom maps, plain and simple, kill any server running them. We've tried it so many times and each time you wake up to find the server dead with no one on it stuck at a custom map. 10 years ago that wasn't a problem with more computer literate players playing these games. Today a huge number of players have no idea about their computers. They just play. And auto-downloader is a necessity, not an option any longer. Many of us cannot stand COD4 or prefer GRAW2 to it. Yet we are compelled to leave simply because we're sick of playing the same maps over and over. The ability to have maps auto-download could keep the game alive indefinitely. I cannot understand how any company would choose not to want this. You're not cannibalizing sales. You're just driving people to other games, generally not yours. How Ubisoft can sit and watch COD4 just dominate their investment in this game is a mystery. Do they think everyone playing COD4 is going to rush back to play the next Rainbow 6 game knowing it comes from the same people who couldn't figure out that an auto-downloader was important? What I would give to be able to play many of the mayhem maps. Pity that they show up as "Custom" (another bad idea) so that many don't even see them or skip them. Oh well. Maybe by GRAW3 but I'm not holding my breath. Here's hoping that 1.05 at least fixes most of the glitches.
  13. No problem. Be aware that many people are using wrong settings for their games. It's common. Just yesterday, one of our guys, Migs, found out that he'd been setup for surround sound and could never understand why he wasn't hearing the things we "claimed" to be hearing. He thought we were just pulling his chain. He finally changed the settings and, presto, suddenly he's hearing all the samples. One in particular sounds a bit like a very faint "change in the pocket" sound that keys me off to someone nearby but not moving much. He heard this, among others, and now his game is improving heavily.
  14. Roco, Etymotic's earphones don't fall out. These are not earbuds. I've used my Etymotic ER-4P's for more than 8 years. Not once have they fallen out. I've been using a pre-production gaming headset for months now and it hasn't fallen out. We're talking hours of play each session. As far as reviews those will come soon after the product is officially out. Stay tuned. You were at D&H? I was at D&H each time. As far as giving you a headache, we don't get that complaint. You can go search comments from users on Google yourself. Not sure what the issue there was but I highly doubt it's something that would continue. Perhaps the volume was a bit for you. So did you and I talk? Which show was it? There were two this year and I just returned from one a few weeks ago versus say 6 months ago.
  15. First, I'm not in sales. Second, to each his own. There was no way for me to post this and not have some people think what you did. The facts are what they are regardless. How about being helpful in your comment by pointing to elements of the post that you're doubtful of specifically?
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