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  1. nice skin, but it shouldn't "overwrite" the original skin unless you place it in the data2.pak archive.... (it should be placed in: E:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\tom clany's hawx\Data\textures\geoms) you may have to create the some folders. file path may be different, i have the steam version, which dosn't have working mp EDIT: the download link for the harrier is broken
  2. nice one Rocky, much appreciated.
  3. nice one Phoenix now if only we had these uploaded here....
  4. lol sorry, but some more skins from me! Jolly Rogers Skinpack: Download Changes the F18, F18 SuperHornet, F14 tomcat/bombcat/Supertomcat, the F-4 Mild Weasel and F-4 Phantom II. YF-22 Raptor Download and more to come sux that filefront closed down....
  5. thx Rocky! The password is: rF4hfGe1PfrzGe3IbaRtWsIn you have to give the password every time you extract something. hope this helps! EDIT: Forgot to say, when you save in .dds save it in 8.8.8 24 bit (RGB)
  6. got a few skins i made: Blue Angles: Download USAF Thunderbirds Download Russian Swifts: Download Russian Knights: Download YF-22 (WIP) yes i know its YF not FY Vietnam F4 Phantom (WIP) And this is the skinners page on the UBI forums: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3.../3881006347/p/1 Cheers
  7. just a little somethin i made at 4 in the morning yesterday. Increases the detail of the skin and adds real colt logo and text. Download hope you like PG
  8. yea, i was hackin this flag: http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/nat...4369d6aa65b.png .....it couldn't hide from me then my screen froze 3 seconds later
  9. v1.5 patch the latest: http://callofduty.filefront.com/file/Call_...v15_Patch;36117 thats all you have to download
  10. i think it will come out for the PC.... eventually.... i dont think it will be free though. it would be nice if it were included in a patch or something, but i doubt that will happen idk just my thoughts
  11. yea i think im the best i cant believe you made this post tri
  12. hmm how bout redoing the cobra to make it look like this?: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...-AH-1_Cobra.jpg i'd do it but im too lazy... and cool .. maby not i dont know anymore
  13. the entire file..... ok this is in objects\beings\ghost_team\materials.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <materials> <material name="skinned_shadow_caster" render_template="skinned_shadow_caster_only"/> <!-- ACU Camo--> <material name="camo_newghost" src="skinned_bump" unique="true" > <variable name="base_color" type="vector3" value="0.545098 0.509804 0.466667"/> <diffuse_texture file="camo_newghost_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="newghost_bm"/> <variable name="base_color" type="vector3" value="0.95
  14. wrong texture , it dose it like it would normally would (camo swatch overlayed)
  15. ok ive got the helmets to work, the gear is still messed up tho. I didn't fully understand what u did can u just say 'replace this line of code with this code' and 'create this file here'? cuz u lost me at "For the gear...." ur the best Brettzies
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