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  1. As of 1.04 the "?" ping should only show up for servers behind firewalls or certain routers that will delay the reply to GameSpy.
  2. Well the fix we did was the same as the workaround i.e removed the xmb compiling when bundling, since it will cause an issue if you don't have the whole un-bundled project.
  3. Would have been very cool if it worked, but I'm sorry to tell you that the water is not a real fluid.
  4. That was not an intended removal I'm afraid. We changed server info to ask for info from GameSpy instead of asking the actual server, but it seems the issue with player names slipped through the testing phase. Sorry for that, we'll take a look at it for a future patch.
  5. Just to add, that may also apply if you have a firewall / router that is actively blocking ICMP pings. So if you think your server list looks small, make sure you're not blocking those ICMP pings.
  6. Install it first, if you wait until later you will lose any campaign quick saves. But yeh, now you mention it, a readme of content would be good. Both the readme.txt (for each language) and the patch_history.txt in the GRAW2 root are updated with the changes.
  7. No, not the same one. Who do you mean by our? From the original GR boards on UBI with that Troll Doll avatar. That Icky.
  8. Hello GR'ers (hmm is that even a word?) Graw 2 is out, we've been busy working on it for the last few weeks Now we have more time and would be happy to talk to you on the forums. Also, you will soon get some info about the support of the game and the modding effort. (Like the map editor readme I posted) So don't despair, we have not abandoned you. Although I cannot promise that there will be too much activity here this weekend since people are outside enjoying the beautiful Swedish summer. Thanks all
  9. The real missing item is the grid function, but I know this is a part project, like someone said There is no grid in the GRAW2 editor. You can place items freely wherever you want them. Select an object, and press thumb mousebutton and move it around wherever you want it to be.
  10. I'm a rogue poster! Jokes aside, I think you can expect some more GRIN posts in the near future. But please don't overwhelm us, we also have a job to do
  11. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Anyway, there's no Stand Alone Dedicated Server version of the game. Check the Dedicated Server setup thread in this forum for more info. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44750
  12. If you get the corrupted installation message when trying to patch you either have faulty registry keys and / or one of the files the patcher tries to update is corrupted. Re-install the game from the DVD and apply the patch again.
  13. Ok, let's say you have your team in Recon Mode, you give them orders to position themselves where you want them. Once all of them are in position all you have to to is press middle mouse button to get the xcom order menu, and then you select Assault Mode. If your guys see an enemy in assault mode they will open fire. Does that make it clearer?
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