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  1. Prodigy I can see everyones view , what i am disappointed in is that they would release a game like this and expect everyone just to sit here and deal with it. I am not venting the game sucks i was just stating that the lack of forethought put in to development and then they just sit back and see how much money the game makes.. In our group we have a few people that were involved in the development of a few games in the MOHAA series and its just that.. Get the game out make the money off the people then when and if it is a profit offer support.. Hell look at call of d
  2. I must say this game is a complete joke... Who would design a game with parameters and levels of performance that this gae requires. A FPS of 75 is is about as reachable as noahs ark in turkey. I feel i was ripped off for 100 bucks , as i have to buy 2 coipies one for my son, myself and now i find out my dedicated copy i have purchased will not run on my box as well.. Some 2003 windows prob... It has become inhearently clear that the gaming industry could care less about performance and more about getting the game out there and worrying about other crap later.. We (www.emfcla
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