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  1. Wille, If Graw was a fun game to play, everyone by now would have realised that all the changes were for the better; that's not the case, the MP is not good at all. I will give you a reality check, this game is so bad that WhiteKnight77 is avoiding commenting on the game. No offense to WhiteKnight77 but if he say's he doesn't have the game yet it tells you something and don't forget the few hundred online players.
  2. RSE had like 5 months to make Lockdown PC, but it still has a more complete MP than GR:AW PC. LD shipped with TDM, DM, a number of other game types and it has more MP maps than GR:AW PC. It can even be argued that it looks better than GR:AW PC as well. (Both games lack a standalone dedicated server, and proper admin tools). In my opinion RSE needs the proper amount of time to make a game. Look at GR:AW 360 (started around the same time as GR:AW PC), its still #2 on Xbox Live a few months after release. Think about this, if 360 got the PC game, do you think it would be #2 on Live? I think not. 360 is a pretty darn good game, and it really feels like a sequel to GR1. One only has to look at the non-RSE produced GR titles (GR1 Jungle Storm, GR2 PS2, GR:AW PS2, GR:AW Xbox, GR:AW PC) to see that Red Storm has a really good handle on the Ghost Recon series. Notice something about those other GR games? They aren't nearly as good, or true to the original, as those produced by RSE. I don't hesitate to include GR:AW PC in that group either. RSE deserves to get another, proper, crack at a PC GR title. Give them 2 years, and they'll probably make GR:AW PC look like a bad dream. So what do I want in GR4 PC? I want a proper Red Storm produced sequel. I'm with you 120%.
  3. Yes I know that all those that complaint are retartded. I'm sorry for complaining tony. Here let me make you feel better Like I said I will be playing a real tactical game soon. http://www.insurgencymod.net/
  4. Way to go. Is this some type of deversion. I can't believe that you actually took the time to to breakdown my post's. That say's a lot about you, it says that you are blinded by your dislike of those that point out the flaws of this game. If i was you I would concentrate my efforts and time in more finding out why this game a game that had this community's support turn out to be such a disappointment. Look for all the dev chats this community had, look for what was asked and what we got. You are more than welcome to discredit me is ok. Yes I'm upset and like the rest of the community I would have loved for this game to be one of the best but it turn out to be a dud.What is unacceptable is that the fans of this game clearly stated what they wanted and we got what some board of directors wanted. All they had to do what go to the forums an listen to what the real experts had to say. The original had a winning formula all they need it to do was to build on that.
  5. Few others this game has sold more than 500,000 unit's wre are the rest. If you support low quality you well keep getting low quality.
  6. What good did it do for the game play. I'm sorry if my standards are not that low.
  7. Im sure you would, you definitley dont sound like the Martin Luther king type. We all have our way of expressing ourselves. Want to complain? Ubi forums. Want to post constructive feedback? GR.net Anyways, I'm done in this thread. It's going no where. Give an example of the benefits of the constructive feedback.
  8. Is ok keep you have the right to defend a sub-par amature attempt and keep waiting all you want. This game was made for noobs like you. You got what you deserved. 2006 next patch :wall 2007 next patch next patch 2008 I got to fight the forces of evil . I can't abandon this big patch called GRAW.
  9. Easy on the insults. Me and the others with a valid point are not donkey's. Show a little respect just cause you don't agree with some of us doesn't give you the right to offend us.
  10. but GRin is one of a few devs. that I've been able to give feedback to so openly. It's a bumpy start but it will pick up , and be what it wanted to be.
  11. High level of realism yeah right. You know years ago there was a mod for UT that was called Infiltration and that mod had more realism than this game. Is ok if you like it but the numbers don't lie if this game is so good like some here claim it would had been a hit.
  12. Are going to compare 9000 vs 300 online players give me a break. If you look at the sales this game has sold 500,00 units or more and less than 10% is playing it online. That say's something.
  13. This is the never ending story don't you get it. When this game came it was well we are working on a patch to make this game better.The June patch came and still the same aoutcome. But the funny thing is the optimist keep reasuring that it will get better. Month's from now there will be like 25 optimist playing and wandering were did everyone go.
  14. OK men we have lost this ship and this battle. This game had the potential and the community's input were did it go wrong, I don't know but is mainly the publisher's fault by giving the job to a team of guys with very little experience. I know Grin did their best, but their best wasn't good enough. I said it before no patches were going to fix this game. I know some of you will get upset but what else is there tell me. TDM is not going to save this game. It will be the same 200 players until they realize that it's a failure. The only way we could get a true sequel is if the original dev team for GR makes another version. http://www.insurgencymod.net/
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