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you said before the 13th right? what about on the 13th, and can existing WIPs count?

AND can it be mod resources that work as a mod?

Now it says "until" the 13th. :)

Existing WIP can count as a new mod, as long as it has not been officially released and does not have a download entry at GR.net's downloads database yet. As far as mod resources are concerned, I'd say to be eligible for the contest, the mod needs to provide at least some "end user" features to benefit not only modders but all Ghost Recon fans.

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Awesome prizes guys!!

My current keyboard is the Logitech G19 which is a great piece of kit so whoever wins that won't be disappointed.

I also had a R.A.T. 9 mouse which died a few weeks ago, it's demise was down to user abuse rather than poor design, it's well made and man do I miss it.

Good luck to all those that take part. :thumbsup:

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501st Airborne mod underway ;)

Nice! 4th Brigade Combat Team, right? In contemporary settings?

Right. Im still trying to determine what to put into the mod. I could do anything, from fort benning basic training, alaska, to afghanistan. I really don't have the time to do all of that though. It would be a bigger undertaking then sabotage!

It will be a fun little mod. Just have to meet the deadline ;)

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I am actually dumbfounded that no one has released anything at all yet, especially in view of the prizes for the NEXT mods to be out. Is there nobody out there with some unreleased gem stowed away on a hard drive that might just need a quick spit and polish?

And in case you are still pondering what kind of mod to create, here are 10 suggested examples for your inspiration:

  • A single new mission with an intricate story backdrop, comprehensively outlined in an elaborate mission briefing accompanied by some nice briefing images and maybe even a voiceover. The mission itself with dynamically changing objectives depending on the team's performance and many randomized elements woven in for sustained replayablility.
  • A set of new high-resolution skins for the Ghosts displaying attention to minute details like e.g. authentic uniform patterns, realistic fabric textures, accessories used by real operators, proper unit and rank insignia, or individual personalised features (beard, tattoo, lucky charm).
  • A sound pack with updated realistic and balanced effects for weapon, environment, and maybe even character sounds.
  • An equipment pack that reshuffles available kits to include new combinations of weapons to take into the field.
  • A weapon realism mod to meticulously adjust handling, accuracy, recoil, stopping power etc. of all original weapons.
  • A multiplayer team pack that changes the playable characters of all teams e.g. to civilians.
  • A campaign with storytelling and puzzle-solving elements along the lines of an adventure game.
  • A campaign that consists of (more or less interactive) movie sequences for laid back entertainment.
  • A Duke Nukem conversion.
  • A zombie mod.


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I was thinking this earlier Apex. Really simple to mod the game. Im suprised not to many others are doing skins and what not. I already have more then half of mine done!!!!!!


-Level is 50% complete

-and new music / ui stuff.

Only a couple more weeks and it will be released!

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There is a special prize for the first mod to be out? I was not aware of that, thought it went to the best mod.

Tsk... what's with that lack of reading comprehension nowadays?!? :rolleyes:

[...] to the next 12 modders (or mod teams) releasing a new "Labor of Love" mod [...] For extra enticement, the best 3 mods (chosen by a jury of GR.net staff) will be awarded the following prizes [...]
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Well Apex i'll try to do new level but that takes a lot of time. I dunno if i'll even find time to finish but i'll try.

Does that count? :P

Also, are the three top prizes available worldwide?

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eh,,, that i mean is, that the first 12 modders gets a full-ghost recon pack thing with GR, IS, DS, GRAW and GRAW 2, right? Is it possible to get the GR IS AND DS to mac instead of PC, if i'm one of the first 12 modders releasing?


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Ah, a fellow Mac gamer! Sorry I didn't understand you at first. Well, sadly Steam does not offer Ghost Recon for Mac, and it is getting more and more difficult to find the Mac version for sale anywhere, but we will certainly see what we can do. Keep in mind that Island Thunder was never officially available for Mac, so you would have to convert the PC version (wish isn't that difficult).

May I ask about your Mac? If it's a moderately recent model you could run the PC version from Steam in Boot Camp.

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Really nice prizes here and I can only wish good luck to the participants! I only wish the competition was for the GRAW series aswell as especially GRAW2 is a really great game to mod and so little actually has been done there.

(...ofc I have a GRAW2 project going on, but that's a totally different story... :rofl: )

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Thanks, Biro! I talked to the contest sponsors (who wish to remain anonymous) and they steadfastly claim there is only one Ghost Recon worthy of the name, and that "Advanced Warfighter" fans can turn to "Future Soldier" (and its DLC) for a natural progression of their game's philosophy, while Ghost Recon fans can only turn to modding, sorry. ;)

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I certainly agree that only the good old Ghost Recon is really worthy the name. The jump from GRAW2 to FS was just too big for me and could just has well have been called something else but that's a totally different story!

I really hope we can get a quality mod or two out of this contest and if Zeko is back in the game I think we have good map coming up! :<img src=:'>

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