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Max 5 wont run on Vista/W7 32 or 64 bit The only way to run it on this type of OS is through a vertual drive running XP ..

But dont ask me how to do that , i just built a cheap rig running XP for max5 ans CS3

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Here's my entry. I hope it qualifies even though it's just a single mission. I've packed all I can into this mission. Was a pleasure returning to GR modding... at first. Then I remembered how much I hate the lengthy scripting required for randomizing events!

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Looks like we have our first winner! With just 3 days to go, you are the first one posting an entry here, H-Hour, so you win the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Complete Pack on Steam and the Ghost Recon Mods Collection on DVD.

Congratulations! Just PM me or Rocky your mailing address and Steam account ID and your prizes will be underway! :thumbsup:

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