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Ghost Recon "Labor of Love" Mods Contest 2012

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Congratulations to all good people who took part in this contest - well done. :)

I am also really happy that there was a place on the podium for me as well - thank you. ;)

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Results updated with each mods download location, and each winners prizes.

5. OPERATION X is the first mod from teppe and while it is a good attempt for a first try, ultimately it could not compete with the scale and quality of the other entries. Whilst we enjoyed the firefights and getting surprised by a jeep running up on us, this mission on it's own could not compete with the other entries.
4. RUSSIAN PLAYER is the first Ghost Recon mod ever from Chudy Picio. It lets the player take on the role of the Russians rather than the Americans. For example in mission 1 of the original campaign, at insert you lead the Ghosts up to the Russian camp before assaulting the caves looking for the Russian commander. In this Russian Player mod however, you insert at the same location as a Russian squad, making your way to an American camp, before heading off to the caves to find one of the Ghosts.
Although the characters are switched to Russians, and the weapons and vehicles are also switched, the lack of new missions left this mod feeling a little short on content. We could not help but compare this mod to Band of Brothers by Jack 57, which did actually swap the enemies and Americans totally, meaning the player started in the camp playing the Russian role, defending against the Ghosts, advancing from insert.
Mod By : Chudy Picio Russian Player | Wins : Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Complete Packs & Ghost Recon Mods Collection on DVD
3. RAMBO MOD The title kind of gives it away, this small mod puts a Rambo character into Ghost Recon. This is great fun in itself, but the mod does also come with new weapons and new gametypes, making it a great little package. You can use John Rambo's tactical bow and listen to him scream as he uses the M60 machinegun. Both of the game types can be played co-op and are great fun. If you are downloading this mod, note that you will need to have the specialists unlocked to see the Rambo character. More than a laugh, this is a well put together mod that works well, we really enjoyed it.
3. REALISM ENHANCER is a small mod that makes a big difference to gameplay. It features many realistic touches, including increased sniper rifle zooming, decreased magazine capacities for certain suppressed weapons, adjusted damage depending on caliber of weapon, correct equipment labels, slight aim with pistols, and more reliable headshots and less reliable extremity shots, and projectiles have larger blast radii. There are many more tweaks that add up to make for a more realistic challenge that breaths new life into existing missions, whether it is stock missions or custom missions.
2. HU MISSIONS is actually one custom mission, but it uses a randomiser to make each attempt different, with new objectives and surprises. These are great random missions on the superb Malaysian Map from the unofficial Year of the Monkey Expansion Pack. This map is extremely difficult due to heavy foliage and poor light with the sun down and no moon. We had great fun exacting some revenge on one patrol in particular. At insert we took heavy casualties and decided that sometimes it was better to make an escape and fight another day, when the terms might be a bit more favourable. By pure chance that moment came much later in the mission thanks to a cave shortcut that eventually led us right back to the insert, but with a height advantage! With the rest of our team lying around as fallen heroes, we could see the enemy, still scoping around looking for us. With our height advantage, now up on a ledge, we soon exacted our revenge. However, no time to be complacent, as another enemy troop had come over to see what all the fuss was about, and effectively six'd us, leading to another emergency firefight. Then on to try and find the downed pilot....
We loved this mission thanks to the great custom map selection, random objective elements and true Ghost Recon, swift and silent, but deadly gameplay.

1. PROJECT NOVO is a massive effort to give Ghost Recon a fresh lease of live with rejuvenated visuals, thanks to a reworking of the games original textures. It features re-textured maps, character skins, HUD, interface and effects, trees buildings, ground, foliage, sky. The result is a fresh landscape to enjoy your favourite missions on once again. Because of it's massive scale (almost a gigabyte of files edited), and it's valiant effort to spark some life back into the old Ghost Recon, we are delighted to award the project lead, Zeealex with first prize in our Ghost Recon Modding competition 2012/13.
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Just curious; how did Chudy and I both get 3rd place?

We liked them both, for different reasons, so it was difficult to place one above the other, so the fairest things was to make you both winners.

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I wrote my short review about R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse.


It has 8 buttons, 2 wheels and 5 variable parts. Click feeling is very light. Mouse moves very smoothly.

It has a red button on thumb side. The cursor moves slowly while pushing this button. So I can aim precisely.

I replaced the little finger side panel with the finger rest. It looks like stealth fighter.



I have never used such a convenient mouse.

I am deeply grateful to Apex and Rocky.

I will make more mods using this mouse.

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