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this guy claims that he have played Graw PC

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For anyone who hasn't read the English translation  of our Danish friends' preview, it is a must read. It sounds like UBI had them preview the GR:AW on a PC with minimum specs. Even with a low end PC, it played well and look good. Imagine what it would be like with a mid to high end PC (and with a PPU  :D ).

English translation of the Danish GR:AW preview from UBIsoft Nordic:



Thanks for the link. I have been looking for this. The review seems very promising.

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Lizard pokes his head in the door then nervously turns it back to look over his shoulder. Seeing nothing he slips in and latches the door beind him. He likes what he see's and reads. As he get's comfortable and lets his guard down, BANG!!! The door gets kicked in and an angry mob (pun intended) of blizzard entertainment tough guys. They wrestle him to the ground and club him over the head with a pipe.

"We're not done with you boy". One of them says in a frightening voice. Then they proceed to pick him up and carry him off through the ruined door and back off into obscurity.

Before he fades out of sight though, you can hear him saying groggily.

"Please GRIN, Please Bo, Save me... Save me from the horrible monster that is World of Warcraft. "

Then nothing more is heard and an erie silence settles over the forums.

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This is not entirely true, it depends on the engine. A normal bump only using 15,000polys is really poor quality and certain nextgen games will have chracters at and around 8,000-15,000 polygons

As for your guy opening a character ... his PC either had a problem, or a video card that was slow. 

Most devs use dedicated video cards for 3d design and animation. Not gaming video cards. Most of these cards run $800 and up (iv seen them upto $3,000)

This is of course not directed to GRAW dev.... but it is true and will be seen in games.

The polycount of your Normal Map generating model doesn't matter at all, only the results.

As for 15000 polygon characters, I'd say it's very unlikely in GRAW. It has been done before, but only in games without normal mapping, and in genres and styles that traditionally have quite high polygon characters.

sup thats only true for currently released games :rocky:

and it does matter, as there should be much more then 50,000 polys to creat a good normal map

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sup thats only true for currently released games  :rocky:

and it does matter, as there should be much more then 50,000 polys to creat a good normal map

Looking at the videos of currently announced games (Unreal 3 games, Cryengine two, and such) if they're using 15000 polys on their 'soldier' characters they're outright wasting about 10000.

As for normal mapping: Some people practically paint the whole thing, with great results. The polycount of the model you generate from doesn't matter, only what detail it shows.

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