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  1. to some back to Ghost Recon? Can I be Sneaky again? Are the Multiplayer maps Big? Are the Multiplayer Games filled with Bunny Hoppers? Will I jump out of my seat when I get blind sided? Is there a large healthy Multiplayer Community? I've got a serious Burnout on World of Warcraft and COD4 is fun but not really my style. Is it time to come back to the Ghost Recon Franchise? Graw 1 was a dissapointment for me. and a waste of money. Will GRAW 2 be the same?
  2. It's reassuring to hear the critics throw a little praise around ... I'll be checking out the demos this weekend ...
  3. Hey All: It's been a while. Good to see framilliar and obviosly loyal fans still here at GR.net. After spending $70.00 ish dollars cdn on graw i was deeply dissapointed in it's gameplay and it ended up sitting on my shelf providing me with Zero Bang for my buck. And i left the franchise behind, quite discouraged. I Heard GRAW 2 had been released recently (or will be) and i thought this was the place to get the info i was looking for. I will not blindly spend my money on this game but am willing to give it a try. Is there or will there be some sort of Multiplayer Demo? and if someone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks Lizard And yeah ... my typing needs work ... =)
  4. Can i do this ? I looked ... I see a folder .... Not sure what's involved .... Can someone enlighten me or point me to a thread ? Thanks all ...
  5. I'm having the same probelm with a 9600 pro (supported card) ... Any ideas ? I'm above all min specs.
  6. You fully uninstalled other gfx drivers, tried reinstalling direct x and then put new drivers in and then install the demo. Do it in that order. ← Yup .... there was a driver conflict ... it's been resolved .... now i just gotta get rid of all the black rendering ... I think i saw another thread on that ... Thanks for the assist guys ....
  7. System specs: processor: p4 2.8 ghz w/ht Ram: 1024 mb PC3200 Video: ATI 9600 pro 256mb On board Sound ... Just bought the card cause my FX 5200 wouldn't run the demo. Broght it home, Installed it and all the shiny new drivers and such ... I even uninstalled and re-installed the Demo ... I start it up and i get this crap : Crash in application version: grpcdemorc1.04 Failed setting up render device. Any assistance is greatly apreciated ...
  8. Lizard pokes his head in the door then nervously turns it back to look over his shoulder. Seeing nothing he slips in and latches the door beind him. He likes what he see's and reads. As he get's comfortable and lets his guard down, BANG!!! The door gets kicked in and an angry mob (pun intended) of blizzard entertainment tough guys. They wrestle him to the ground and club him over the head with a pipe. "We're not done with you boy". One of them says in a frightening voice. Then they proceed to pick him up and carry him off through the ruined door and back off into obscurity. Before he fades out of sight though, you can hear him saying groggily. "Please GRIN, Please Bo, Save me... Save me from the horrible monster that is World of Warcraft. " Then nothing more is heard and an erie silence settles over the forums.
  9. My mommy always told me "If you don't have anything nice to say. Dont say anything at all."
  10. Always good to get more info. I was kinda hoping to be able to pick up a weapon from a corpse but can live with out if the ammo is available. I like the fact that wind and distance wont be a factor. I like a tactial shooter not a tactial simulation. In my experiance simulations become more like work and involve research to grasp and become proficient at. We all know the bottom line difference between the GR franchise and other FPS games is the fact that you can't jump. This eliminates the infamous "Bunny Hopper" and forces a more carefull aproach to staying alive and winning.
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