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  1. I've played a lot on both systems now. Both are really nice but not worth getting at the moment. Wait it out a bit longer until it gets closer to the next E3 and you can get a better idea of where each console is headed for their game line up. Everyone dismisses the xbox one kinect as a gimmick, but I have to be honest and say I really like it. I love the snap feature and do a lot of skypeing with family scattered across the us. It is also nice having the ability to snap the web browser to look up a tricky spot in a game. PSN can also quickly switch between any game and the browser as well but I like being able to do it via voice commands. Games are also using it pretty nicely so far. I like asking for ammo in battlefield 4 but just speaking "need ammo". Honestly we spent an hour on just the UI on the xbox one before we even put a game in. It is really nice how smooth battlefield is on next gen. It will be crazy to see what they will be able to do with it down the road.
  2. RIght, they aren't saying "dedicated" server, but they are essentially handing the reigns over to you on one of their already established spaces on their main servers and letting you tweak the details. It will be a nice change of pace and hopefully provide more people an opportunity to get matched up with players that share the same game preferences and playing style. I haven't seen all of the details but it would be nice for new players to have a dedicated server that locks out certain ranks from joining (not that higher rank = better skill). I just enjoy seeing companies provide more features like this instead of the trend we have seen with several others where "less is more".
  3. Huge leap for consoles. Lots of really cool tweaks you can do to your servers as well. I'm not sure how many people over hear really play the game on the xbox but some of us are hoping to rent a server for a night or two to play amongst friends for those interested.
  4. You can't play a Beta as if it were a demo. There were a lot of bugs in the beta which is to be expected but from the comments I've seen from people who have gone to events that are hosting more updated code the game plays really well. DCRU Colin is a good source on youtube. Some of the netcode was frustrating but it didn't leave me saying "xyz game is definitely better then this". Strictly my opinion based on my game preference but this will be one of the best titles for me for 2011.
  5. Thanks and happy birthday John and Serellan.
  6. In other related news Dice announces that the sky is blue. Of course it's different. In call of duty you get x amount of kills and you can call in your airstrike, in BF you are the airstrike. I really wish that they would stop mentioning that other series every time that they have a statement. If they were really confident in themselves they wouldn't have to constatnly be comparing themselves to activision. If it wasn't for the constant respawning enemies I'd probably enjoy the Call of Duty single player a bit more. I really enjoyed the Medal of Honor missions a lot more.
  7. Yeah, still lots of annoying bugs but the game is really going to be nice from what I've seen. I've ranked up through level 26 (xbox360) and it will be nice once the game realeses and I'm playing with my regular group, to unlock the squad specializations and stack them up. It will also be nice to play on some bigger maps instead of fighting in the funnel that this map creates. The damage so far is nice like you say though and hopefully they keep it that way (with the exception of the ump which seems to be glitched). Some people are really complaining about it but I like the fact that if you get the drop on a group of guys you are going to mow them all down with out having to worry about them turning on you and dropping you. The one thing I wish they would tweak as well is the blinding effect of the flash light in the daylight areas. It should not still have the ability to blind people.
  8. If you have the onslaught mode you should give those a try with four people, they can be really fun. I wish they would have added more maps to that mode. It got really stale with only four maps.
  9. http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1108664/ This deal makes things a bit more interesting though.
  10. Apples and oranges though. You don't get the connect with the ps3 bundle (obviously)
  11. And you can upgrade to the 250gig hard drive for a reasonable price http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-250GB-HardDrive-Slim-Only/dp/B002I0JDC6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309394304&sr=8-1 The kinect is pretty cool (which you basically get for free with this package) from the few games I've tried with it. Kung fu panda 2 uses the kinect so I'm sure my kids would love to practice their ninja skills.
  12. Don't worry TW, I understand what you're trying to say and where you are coming from.
  13. It says the videos are private. Did I miss my window of opportunity to check these out?
  14. http://www.gamestop.com/ps2/games/ghost-recon-jungle-storm/28667 That game was pretty fun with coop on the ps2. Not sure if anyone still plays it but you'll probably be able to find some people.
  15. Might need some advice for crawmerax there wytch. The kids and I tried 2 or 3 times and were completely destroyed. I think I need to try to farm some better weapons maybe for I take it on. I think all the characters in this DLC level up as I level up because the enemies are always higher then me. The dang drifters are a pain in the booty.
  16. People confuse life span of a console with the time in between releases. Sony said that the PS3 would have a ten year lifespan. When the ps4 releases it will not end the lifespan of the ps3. People will continue to buy it. This means that if this releases in 2014 it will have been 7-8 years after the ps3 release. If the ps3 continues to sale at a decent rate for 2-3 years after the release then it has met it's expected life span.
  17. Ok, the kids and I are on play through 2 now. Trying to level up a bit more before taking on the DLC. Great game. I'm really glad I gave this game a go.
  18. I found this revolver the other day that does 205 damage which seems pretty high for a level 13 player. It only has a 2 bullet magazine but it does a lot of damage. I got a head shot on a guy and it said it did a little over 1,000 damage. Threw me for a loop. It must have had some modifiers that increased critical hit damage. It also has 2.3 zoom or something like that with a little scope on the top. Side note: Pave, if I'm replying to a certain post isn't it less confusing if I qoute that person so that they know who and what I'm referring too? I'll try to shorten up what I qoute in the future but it didn't seem like it was that large of a qoute. Your forum title should be changed to "qoute nazi".
  19. I was playing as Mordecai but I've switched to start leveling up the soldier since I needed a little bit more fire power since my children are horrible shots and have been playing as Siren and her special ability is horrible for them since they have to be right next to an enemy to do damage and they will get gunned down in a hail of bullets when they reappear. I just got my 250 gig hard drive today so I can finally install all the DLC that came with the GOTY disc I got.
  20. Yeah, I've now learned not to take on a task before you have sufficiently leveled up and are using the right aresenal. My children are not the best shots but we were on this one task for a good hour yesterday just constantly dieing. We're learning though. Thanks for the links MF. I'm sure they will come in handy when I get stuck. I noticed there's another one of those robot things on top of a cliff in the first section you unlock (Fyrestone?). If you jump on the roof of the armory building you can see and hear him jumping around up there. Does anyone know how to get to him? I've tried jumping from the roof there but there's an invisible barrier.
  21. I guess there is no borderlands thread ? I looked back and couldn't find one. I'll probably start one soon I guess since I have a lot of questions but we're definitely enjoying this game. It's hard to figure out at times though wether or not to pick up a gun. So many different aspects to look at make it a difficult choice. Some of them even have red descriptions or phrases in the lower box and I have no idea what they mean. We finally have some decent weapons though and can take out the younger skags with just a few shots but when we run into level 9 and 10 bad guys we struggle.
  22. I finally picked up the game of the year edition with all the DLC included for $34 so add dpizle when you get a chance Wytch. It won't get here for a few more days and we're also getting much better internet in a few more weeks. In the meantime I'll be trying to level up with my son.
  23. The ones I played on PS2 and PS3 were all third person with a first person perspective if you were zoomed in on a scoped rifle.
  24. Apart from the instakill knife. Realistically, knives won't kill outright in one hit, even if you hit an artery - in which case they've got what, four minutes to live? Yeah that is a bit much and I honestly wish that more games would just drop the knife, but the knife in BC2 is actually somewhat harder to use (especially before the latest patch). You had to be right up on the guy and looking directly at him and still then you would swing and miss for some reason a lot of times. It's definitely no where near as obnoxious as black ops. I actually really enjoy defibing and drilling people since it's a lot harder to do then the knife.
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