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  1. 50meters blast radius? the maps arent even that big
  2. was the best single player i have played, and am still playing it every day
  3. Ok listen very carefully, go to control panel, add/remove programs, take ghost recon off, and go play another game, no one cares that you dont like this game.
  4. looking great altho i think a .50 barret would do a little more than make sparks on that helmet the blood looks nice but when its on the ground it looks a little grainy. keep up the work
  5. i would much like to try it if you could upload it smith, pretty please?
  6. i would buy another grin-made game ^^ and that says alot!
  7. the mp is great, it is finished, its just not a replica of gr1 mp and thats y no one wants to accept the fact its time to move on *prepares to be flamed*
  8. if its ok with u, i will test the skin and take a few screens on high settings for you
  9. im running a 7900gtx with everything max & edge smoothing @ 1440x900 with about 65-80 frames depending on where im at.
  10. this is probably the best skin mod i have seen in any game over the past few years, really... i thought id post a SS of my own using the mod: http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/4671/acss8yd.jpg its AMAZING! to the person whom said it looks low-qual. it def. does not, the detail is awesome and matches GRAW's detail possibly better..
  11. Sorry I havnt been active much anymore and also sorry if you guys knew about 1.18 but I was looking for a server to join a few min. ago and lookie what I found! http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/5421/graw186xz.png
  12. u'd need to throw about 5 humans in a giant blender to obtain the ammount of blood in those screenshots lol its pretty to look at tho, that would be awesome if u lowered it a bit and got it to stick to walls
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