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  1. Just downloaded and started playing Wildlands again. Turned the settings down slightly so I wasn't being dominated by AI, but still had to be half decent to survive. I never actually finished this game, probably got halfway through and probably went back to Arma 3. So here I am now, having taken down 4 Buchons so far, and I'm really loving this game. I think back to how tough I used to be on all the GR attempts post-OGR and was maybe a bit harsh, maybe not. But this game is genuinely a great sequel to OGR, with all the varied missions and the replayability, going stealthy or loud, amazing world and environment. Ticking every box for me really. I'm really going to push to finish the game in full this time to see how I feel when it's all over.
  2. Geez that was a bad trailer. Honestly, I didn't think they could stuff GR up more than Breakpoint, but they did it in style. At some point, you feel like Ubi will stop and reflect on the poor sales and reception and actually go back to the roots. Particularly, as you're starting to see the rise and heavy support for some serious tactical shooters. Ready or Not for example, as hardcore as it gets and the fans love it. What excites me about that is, if you think back to where GR started, it was CQB Raven Shield, Rogue Spear etc. And eventually, the Devs moved the battle outdoors into more rural environments. Surely, the Devs of RoN will eventually see the opportunity... Predicted here first.
  3. I’m thinking about putting together a new small tournament with all the GR players, probably via the Discord channel . I was thinking each mission maker could provide one mission with scoring for objectives completed. I’d be hoping for some classic GR style missions and on some classic maps. Anyone interested in contributing?
  4. So stoked I discovered this Discord - finally playing some GR coop again with some GR fans in my timezone. The old GR flame is alive and burning bright!
  5. Just throwing up an error along the lines of 'it's not secure'.
  6. Ah, well not much gaming these days. Lots of rock climbing. play a board game called Memoir 44 with a few friends, my military strategy fix, but more social than gaming on a machine.
  7. Original campaign in sp. Then played a couple of coop missions with a couple of chaps last night.
  8. 20 years….faaaark. We old. Just reinstalled GR to play through the campaigns again. Then I discovered the Discord channel! Coop here I come!
  9. The maps are high quality and the AI quick and deadly. Not yo mention trying to establish whether they’re fried or foe (they will fake being friendly moments before they draw their weapon on you).
  10. Just started playing RoN, very polished Alpha - I would even call it a full release even though they're still working on it. Excellent in SP or COOP - very realistic, tactical hardcore shooter. Absolutely no run'n'gun possible as the default is a walk vs a shuffle. The enemy are lethal and the missions highly engaging. Highly recommended!
  11. add me on steam Lightspeed_aust and you'll need to invest in a gunstock once you taste Onward
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