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  1. You dropped game dev? What are you up to these days?
  2. You worked on PF? Maybe on a technicality they were called Ghosts, but SOG were the original in my book, definitely the essence of covert ops. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a technicality, they just couldn’t talk about what was going on in Vietnam for 20 years.
  3. This is really where the Ghosts began, back in Vietnam, covert ops behind enemy lines, denied ops - MACV SOG. If you've got Arma 3 then highly recommend the download. I've just started scripting a SP campaign and there are already a bunch of missions out there. This IS the original Ghost Recon.
  4. I've just seen a couple of videos which refer to immersive mode and the ability to make the game much more authentic with plenty of options. Is it true then that the game can be a great GR game? Or are the vids not telling the whole story?
  5. OMG - SE4 is my new favourite game. I feel like I'm experiencing that white knuckle game play of OGR again. I've put settings on Authentic Hardcore which means no marking tangos, no sniping support, more aggressive enemy, no hud (the only issue is not being able to see where objectives are on the map!). One of the things I love about this game, is that the difficulty settings make a big difference and make sense. At base level, there's no bullet drop, just shoot straight, less aggressive AI, ability to mark enemy and know where they are at all times. As you move up in diff
  6. Just picked it up cheap on Steam and recommend it for some lone wolf. light hearted gameplay. Campaign seems cool and missions are long, you can play it your way really, go full stealth or pick of every tango. Difficulty level is easily adjustable and makes a big difference to your sniping experience. Enuff said, give it a go if you like.
  7. That does look good, I think it's time to pull it out again!
  8. I can confirm this works for me Apex - for some reason it had stopped working one day in Steam. All sorted now! Back to the original!
  9. Omg, you sound like a child Apex. Ubisoft too greedy and evil. They trying to cater to the masses that's all, don't over read into it, it's not a plot. If the community as a whole starts to desire slow paced games, Ubi will shift. Simple. And they could absolutely do it if they decided to. It's interesting you say that Ground Branch could do it. We've been waiting well over a decade now, it's unfinished and they can't do single player campaign. No, they can't do it as they stand now.
  10. The thing I miss most about GR was the coop tournaments. Really wanted to do it for Arma, maybe I finally will in Arma 5 lol.
  11. Played on IGS Leagues mainly, then played a few matches on TAG. Good times playing PvP. IGS hosted these epic 9v9v9v9 matches. Something like those numbers. Total Random Respawns. Awesome battles.
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