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  1. 50meters blast radius? the maps arent even that big
  2. was the best single player i have played, and am still playing it every day
  3. Ok listen very carefully, go to control panel, add/remove programs, take ghost recon off, and go play another game, no one cares that you dont like this game.
  4. looking great altho i think a .50 barret would do a little more than make sparks on that helmet the blood looks nice but when its on the ground it looks a little grainy. keep up the work
  5. i would much like to try it if you could upload it smith, pretty please?
  6. i would buy another grin-made game ^^ and that says alot!
  7. the mp is great, it is finished, its just not a replica of gr1 mp and thats y no one wants to accept the fact its time to move on *prepares to be flamed*
  8. if its ok with u, i will test the skin and take a few screens on high settings for you
  9. im running a 7900gtx with everything max & edge smoothing @ 1440x900 with about 65-80 frames depending on where im at.
  10. this is probably the best skin mod i have seen in any game over the past few years, really... i thought id post a SS of my own using the mod: http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/4671/acss8yd.jpg its AMAZING! to the person whom said it looks low-qual. it def. does not, the detail is awesome and matches GRAW's detail possibly better..
  11. Sorry I havnt been active much anymore and also sorry if you guys knew about 1.18 but I was looking for a server to join a few min. ago and lookie what I found! http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/5421/graw186xz.png
  12. u'd need to throw about 5 humans in a giant blender to obtain the ammount of blood in those screenshots lol its pretty to look at tho, that would be awesome if u lowered it a bit and got it to stick to walls
  13. .........im speechless, CHEERS TO U BROTHA
  14. i wouldnt pay over 50 for a video game btw... im glad grin made the game
  15. in order to get 100 percent im pretty sure u cant take any hits, or let any teammate get hit/killed
  16. i aint fueling the fire here, im tryin to explain i have prooven it to run on a crap system with playable frames so people wit similar rigs arent scared off because graw is a really nice game
  17. O'Rly? i am just angered by the futile people that say "zomg my systemis teh l33711oleleven suace and c4nt play graw teh max quality" it is playable people get off your high horse and realize in the pc industry new hardware is deemed outdated every 2-3 months by a replacement model so basically if u have a compaq presario from 1999 and expect to play graw with high settings, gl with that
  18. i agree... as i said in another thread: stop moaing people, jesus
  19. oi im just saying the truth, my freinds got an emachines t6216 and only 512 of ram and 128 onboard, he plays fine at 30-40 frames with everything on low at 800x600, no of course it doesnt look as good as if u were playing on all high @ 1600x1200, but if u want the eye candy to be blasted up u must pay the price, graw is playable on low with an extreme low end system as i just told u with that emachines. not evry one has a high end rig, i understand that, i myself had a very low end rig but saved my money for a good part of last year to get my pc. im just confused as to why people say it isnt playable with a low end pc...
  20. in all honesty i dont know wat everyones Moderator Edit about, my friend plays with an onboard 128mb geforce 6100, 512 o f ram and its playable with 30-40 frames with everything on low,
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