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  1. IL2 Sturmovik, anyone? This game will never be a flight simulation, I ******* guarantee. Guns of the Patriots comes in mind, but seriously, I don't know...Ubi hired some 14 years old child to write that script. PS. http://www.mondoxbox.com/immagini.php?view...id=34589#topnav PSS. Why in the god is this in PC Category? Are you nuts Rocky?
  2. It was for Endwar It appeared on every Tom clancy Site, BUT it didn't redirect anywhere.
  3. Stupidest plot ever. A PMC attack on USA. great, now what? Hobo-babies attack the world?
  4. To be fair, there are a lot of places in the world that speak Spanish: the rest of Central America that isn't Mexico, most of South America, obviously Spain itself, a lot of Mediterranean islands and parts of North Africa, plus the Phillipines. So it could be a lot of places. Has anyone had any success in positively identifiying the satellite map images in the opening? I'm more curious about why they change from Spanish to English. it appears AWACS refuels and gets shot down, and another force is sending an Evac or Combat aircrafts of some sort, Basically I believe it is a black box that was recovered form the crashland designation and is now probed by someone, basically revealing all of it's operations prior the crash.
  5. That is amazing, as I've been trying figure out where he is for about an hour or so now. LOL, yes that camo is amazing! lol, if you guyts didn't notice it yet: The last two pictures, IS NOT ABOUT SAME PERSON. look at the two, those you see. In the third photo, you don't see the fat guy and in the fourth, the fat guy stands along side the person that is visible in both pictures. I'd say there is no 3rd person in two last pictures. (I didn't find yet ) that, or there's two completelly different camou's being hidden guys.
  6. Sorry about that. It's UBI putting up the main servers.. adn we can only assist with our computers at work. How are the ping against our office servers down in Aussie-land? As much as I can tell, people can hack aganst me just by throwing a smoke grenade. my game dies and I become easieast target ever
  7. Nice. by the way, why is your UI so different form mine? Newest Beta ?
  8. I had in one game very frustating moment with tagging. I was Scrambler and saw my teammate being tagged. I came to him and de-tagged that purple thing out, but he got tagged again in less than one second. Whenever I pushed de-tag button it just brough that purple thing back. I don't thing it's a cliche, because ghosts had scout scouting on us. And when there's a scout near scrambler, mr. De-tagger becomes useless in terms of minutes, until that Ghost disappears. This just kills the purpose of de-tagging and hope something will be done with it.
  9. Dude Are we yet to Ghost recon 4? I mean GRAW2 is an Expansion pack
  10. hmm... I am not amazed with this game.not at all. I am hit with this game. Yet for it all. Yeah, I got 6600GT and the game runs like Barbie on bike, while in Beta it worked better. Like Barbie on Ken
  11. Never mind, I am dumpass. I just found a sollution, but. HOw can I obtain the Beta forum password, or can I?
  12. The forum is still active and still private. You need the password to gain access. Congrats to all who are still getting in on the beta. I hope the interest is really to help test it and not to just play it early. So. How you get the Password?
  13. UBi is not The Honored PC distributor. All Ubi needs is Money (Well I am 100% positive thats it, after Few Rushed games). I would like to see a Honored PC distributor and Good developer like Bungie or Valve raising from Ubisoft once again,
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