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  1. Halli, I didn't even notice the 1080 HD option. I have to go watch it again. I just watched the Angel Rage mission in 1080 HD. silent_op
  2. The U.S. Special Forces D Company 1st Battalion 5th Special Forces Group (Ghosts) are back... (Thank you Lightspeed ) I haven't visited this GR.Net forum in so long. However, I noticed Lightspeed's Island Thunder ArmA2 missions, I was curious to see if the ever watchful GR.Net had caught wind of it. Of course, here it is. I played the first mission c07_GRIT_mis1_v1-0.lingor on our Phoenix Soldiers dedicated CO-OP server. Lightspeed, you really captured the "Ghost Recon feeling" (original Ghost Recon feeling) in the first mission. I loved it. I played with 4 other Phoenix Soldiers. We finished the mission with no casualties (not always the case), and had a great time throughout the mission. However, I did alter the mission to fit our no-respawn style of CO-OP play, which really made your already excellent mission even better. The altered version is only played on our server, for our members. The alterations I added were minimum, as follows. -Disabled the Revive Script -Removed the respawn -Disabled the AI in the Description file -Used Alpha Squad's TASM Mod, to custom set the tangos, making them more challenging and believable. (the TASM settings are custom set for our server) -Added ACE2 Wounding system -Added ACE2 Force Markers Off -Added our custom set Kit load out (with ACE2 Backpack system) I look forward to playing the next seven missions now. I'm going to be busy in the ArmA2 Editor tonight. silent_op
  3. Ok, I have managed to open a coop mission in the editor. I'm switching out the units with units from a mod. What do I enter in the "Initialization" field, to give all players the entire list of kits to select from? I want the players to select their kits while in the briefing screen. Is there a source online with a list of general commands to use with the Editor? silent_op
  4. No wonder it didn't work. Thanks bati. I'll try this out later. I hope it works. I'm really looking forward to playing with the Editor. silent_op
  5. I'm using: C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\MPMissions silent_op
  6. How does one open an MP COOP mission in the Editor? I'm trying to open a COOP mission in the Editor, so that I may switch out the units with new EBUD US SF units. How exactly do I go about doing this? -I unPBOed the desired mission. -I then placed the unpacked mission folder in the MPMissions folder. -I ran ArmA and selected the Editor. -The Editor could not seem to find the unpacked folder I placed in the MPMissions folder. Please Help silent_op
  7. NOTE: the EBU mod can simply go into your AmrA\addons folder and it will be used always. You don't need to make a modfolder and new exe for this one. ALSO: as far as I know, missions usually go in your ArmA\Mission folder. hope this helps. -I'm kinda new at this too, so please correct me if I'm wrong on anthing. Thanks, I'll follow that. I keep expecting things to work as easy as GR1 did in respect to mods. I guess it does in ArmA, I just need to learn how it all works in this new environment. silent_op
  8. The ArmA Launcher doesn't do what I expected it to do... I wanted to run a downloaded coop mission with the EBU SOCOM skins on the soliders. I set up the launcher as follows: - I created a folder named "Mods" in my ArmA directory. - I created a folder within my "Mods" folder and named it "AddOns" - I placed the .pbo file for EBU SOCOM into my newly created "AddOns" folder - I selected OPTIONS and then MODS in the ArmA Launcher interface. - I typed the name of the EBU SOCOM .pbo file "ebu_soco1.pbo" - I typed the directory it is located in "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\Mods\AddOns" - Saved - I then tried to launch a hosted game with the mod checked on the right side interface menu - The game launched, but the soliders in the mission I selected didn't have the EBU SOCOM skins What do I need to do in order to play a downloaded coop mission with skins of my choice? silent_op
  9. How does one activate mods in ArmA? If I create a folder in my ArmA root directory named "Mods", will the game recognize the mods I place in it (like GR1)? For example if I place EBU SOCOM in my created "Mods" folder, can I then play downloaded coop missions with these skins and weapons? silent_op
  10. JTF-2, That skin looks great. Is it available for download yet? Are you the author of the Delta Force 1990 Ghost Recon Mod? If so, can you convert the Delta Force 1990 skins for ArmA as well? silent_op
  11. There are some aspects of this announcement that are "interesting". However, I'm not sold on this, but I will quietly watch and wait. Things like Metal Gear Solid enemy detection bars just begin to confirm my worst fears about UBI's new direction of the entire Ghost Recon franchise. But I will just sit quietly and watch... silent_op
  12. This is just speculation on my part... The alleged work on the GR:AW 2 by GRIN, may really be the "Expansion Pack". Except since GR:AW PC was so FLAWED, the GR:AW 2 may actually be the "completed GR:AW". It also clearly fits in line with UBIs rapid-fire release a new game mentality. They were scheduled to release a GR:AW 2, so why not complete and add to the current GR:AW PC and then call it GR:AW 2 (sold and packaged at the price of a full new game, not an expansion). I will wait and see what this GR:AW 2 delivers, I wouldn't be surprised if GR:AW 2 is FLAWED 2. I'm not bashing GRIN in anyway. Those guys did what they could for GR:AW with the schedule, time frame, and direction given by UBI. UBI's now recent history with the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series just leaves me with very little hope future series of those franchises. For the Phoenix Soldiers, we are eagerly awaiting the Feb 2007 release of Armed Assault. silent_op
  13. on/off key for the Mini Map in [GR] (v1.35)? I know I asked this back in the v1.30 patch, but has anyone found a way of turning the mini map in the top rigt hand corner off in v1.35? The last time a GRIN dev addressed this question, I was told by PM that the mini map can not be turned off by altering xml files. The mini map is controled in a dxe file. I was also told that this request would be presented to UBI for the next upcoming patch (v1.35). UBI would decide if this should be included. silent_op
  14. The Phoenix Soldiers' server also crashes right around the same time as the airstrike. I noticed this twice. silent_op
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