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  1. Nvidia has sold more than 3 million G8x silicons (Nvidia 8 series chips) to board manufacturers in the last 6 months. Sure it doesn´t say that 3 million end-users have DX10 hardware right now but it shows at what pace the industry is going. The PC hardware industry is far larger and generating more profit than the console hardware industry which actually generates loss on most consoles (except maybe the Wii) but thats another whole topic. I think yes, IF you would optimize it to death and make it run at 800x600 or something like that but it surely wouldn´t be easy and might take
  2. The 360 hardware is decent for a console but modern PC hardware runs cycles around it and leave it in the dust. When a game is properly ported from the 360 to the PC, it will run faster, with higher AA/AF and resolution on a modern PC compared to the 360. I have a C2D at 3.2Ghz and a 8800GTX and I tested Test Drive Unlimited both on the PC and 360 and on the PC I could play it at 1280x1024 with 16AF, 16AA fully maxed out and it never dropped below 50fps, and my CPU cores were running at around 70%. The 360 runs at 1280x720, with 2AA (maybe 4AA but it looked blurry) and no AF, and it was c
  3. I get the same bug with patch 1.16 (didn´t happen before). If I shot the two tanks myself, it obviously didn´t crash, but when I tried to move my tanks to the exit, the crash was triggered. It seems to me that once my tanks got to a certain point/distance near the wrecked enemy tanks, it crashed. AMD 2700, nforce 2, Nvidia 6800 (84.43 drivers), Soundblaster ZS2
  4. The blur shader was the only realistic option in the short time they had. Not only it works on almost all video cards, and the performance hit is rather small. If Grin had decided to add Supersampling AA, it would have worked only on Nvidia cards since SSAA is a hardware feature, but at the same time it costs A LOT of performance (and vram IIRC). I´m talking about a performance hit from 40fps to 10fps or even worse, depending how many edges are present. It surely would have looked nice since SSAA is the best kind of AA when it comes to Image Quality.
  5. Actually there are beta drivers for the XFi soundcard available at this website: http://www.soundblaster.com/language.asp?s...pport/downloads
  6. No it wouldn't. You can still achieve all those things by other means. You can get all those nifty shaders and eye-candy and special effects without any form of deffered lighting. The dynamic shadows from the trees would probably be the only thing you gave up. But it would take a lot of work to make it look good, wouldn´t it? I mean more work than what you would spend on an average patch. I´m talking here at the current case as it stands with GRAW PC and its engine. UE3 approaches things much differently and the developer can use deffered techniques, static light maps (c
  7. Lysander, at the bottom of the transcript it says: Don´t believe the Microsoft BS with DX10 and AA on the 360. AA works only if data can fit into the 10MB buffer, if it can´t the engine has to support tiling to be able to support AA, and if the engine can´t do that, well, then you are out of luck. And thats just one reason and as you can see on Tims comment, there are other reasons that come into play as well when a game or engine lacks AA. And the 360 can´t be DX10 because by the time that the hardware was finalized DX10 wasn´t finalized. The 360 is DX9+, how much different
  8. UE3 is this year with Gears of War but that one is console only (for the time being). UT2k3 might make it this holiday season or Q1 2007, both ways it will be still DX9 because Vista and DX10 is looking like March 2007 right now, or even later considering how crap Vista Beta2 runs. Yes UE3 will support DX10 (confirmed) but only once the hardware AND software (Vista) is released and available, not any time sooner. The min. specs for UE3 are good DX9 cards (minus Nvidia 5-series) anyway, so the chances are good that we will see UE3 games that will be DX9 only and won´t get any DX10 goodies
  9. Actually I can confirm two other users who have NO PPU slowdowns. They used GRAW 1.06 with the latest (beta) Physix drivers AND the both have dual-core AMDs. If you consider the latest GRAW patch, and its PPU optimizations and improvments, it should be safe to say that the performance issue is history as long as you a have dual-core CPU (just to be on the safe road).
  10. They might be able to add a new (old) rendering path to their engine and use it to support AA. Sounds more practical than ditching DL, or re-writing DL to hell and have still crap AA performance. I bet the ealier versions of their Diesel engine didn´t use Deferred lighting, but is the code still there, or is it dumped and can´t be brought back? No idea. If it still there, it would require a hell of work to make the game look half-decent. You see, you might not have jaggies anymore, but you would loose a lot of shaders and eye-candy along. The game might look more like GR1 (uniform lig
  11. So then it sounds like some sort of supersampling, which renders at higher res then "converts" to your screen res. But that should be a real framerate killer shouldn't it be? What is supersampling like DR or the heatwave effect? The heatwave effect is NOT a framerate killer IMO, any decent card should be able to handle it with little performance penalty. DR works like this (AFAIK). This rendering technique allows to spent expensive pixel shader operations just once per pixel. A render scene is moved to fat offscreen buffer (XYZ,norm,materialID,mapping coordinate,...) without any shad
  12. Deferred rendering is NOT the heatwave (which seems to be just a shader). It´s the whole lightning system. Every pixel in the game is affected by deferred rendering. The game doesn´t have a lightning system that other games have, so you can´t compare it with Oblivion for instance. The next game that will use DR will be Gears of War, and it won´t have any AA either. I think DR will be used in quite a few Unreal Engine 3 powered games. If the heatwave was the problem, they would have added an option to disable it and enable AA a long long time ago, long before the game went gold.
  13. Yes that might be possible. Software AA algorithm might also work but it would be slow as hell.
  14. Its the same technique that Epic is using for Gears of War, which <ding> <dong> <ding> won´t have any AA on the X360 either! (yes Tim Sweeney confirmed that here > http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.p...675&postcount=1 ) The only way to get rid of the jaggies before DF-AA capable hardware will be released is to run the game at a higher res, push the screen further away, or put some butter on the screen.
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