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P2: A Cold Day In Hell

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It's been a while so I thought I'd post some more progress pics.

Things have been moving forward with the map but most of the progress has been the necessary but dull stuff (not very photogenic)

But I'm now experimenting with trees and foliage so one little valley is starting to look the way it should:




I've also added one last little shack (although the map will be very sparse in terms of structures)


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Thanks guys,

As to the snow, I've had that texture applied for ages now and I've always been as close to it as in these pics

One day I walked up onto the high bridge and looked down into the valley to test the draw distance and I realised that there was a great big footprint in the middle of my texture :rofl:

I had to airbrush that one out pretty quick (although I did consider leaving it there for a laugh) :D

Anyways, its early days with the veggies, I want to have as high a density of trees as possible but I need to do lots of testing with that to see how it will impact on framerates etc, I've tried to make the trees as simple as possible while still looking half decent.

After that, the list is:

Rocks and hard cover items (I don't want many of these but some will be required to aid pathing issues)

Dynamic objects (there are a couple of things I'd like to include here but one may not be possible)

Dynamic barriers (A couple of map areas will be out of bounds unless scripted open)

Occluders and collision planes


Command map

After that stage, Mig will get to run around on it and, I'm sure, will request a few mission specific changes (he can be like that! :whistle: )

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BTW gang - Phlookian recently sent me another package of placable goodies for the mod.....these will be introduced for the most part to enhance objectives in existing missions and the two that are currently under construction.....one on Bludawgs winter Castle day and one on his retexture of Biro's day Farm map....one or two may show up on Phlookian's new map too....

like what? CCTV cameras at different hieghts.....brief type cases that open to reveal stuff inside....stuff like that. These are set at different hieghts to use on a number of desks, tables, etc. on maps from Frostbite, RSE maps, and the Outpost too....I rently went through and found a hieght he did that works on at least one or two of Biro's tables at the Farm.....So when you modders see em, you might want to build your own furniture or whatever for any new map with those hieghts in mind...One of things he sent has eliminated a problematic thing with capturing the boss in the Keep, it has always been a natural thing you might take down the room he and his cronies are in with a lot of other work left to do, now catching him will be required to get info that will enable you to access some very important info in an interactive sort of way...I even tested having you force him to get at it for ya, but that is a bit too sketchy for my likes, though it can be done...

new avater is cool KRP 56...

mig :ph34r:

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:) very nice screens indeed mr mig.

these guys look really lethal to me, do you have to have them into the mod????? :)


well as you know Ingeloop, they were in as specialists, just need to make em different names and thanks to your query here prompting me to get busy, they are now in the npc list with their friends you did earlier...Alfa sniper and Alfa officer...so now they can show as either friend or foe....here are all four in front of their favorite Vodnik.....



and here are the other officers you did in a little better lighting than I presented them in an above post...left to right...rockets air defense...MI Recon.....rockets artillery...


btw, the maps you see on that table are not part of The Farm map - they are one of the placable items that Phlookian has recently created.... :thumbsup:

mig :ph34r:

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Ok while the TOR M-1 you see is in game where you'll find it, this is just a test fire and while things may not be perfect.... Phlookian just keeps on crunching the magic....this is a very nice development indeed...





BTW Phlookian, this one did disappear, no need to hide it...? Must be the different skybox...

mig :ph34r:

edit - you are of course right about the processing of the smoke and this is the map/mission thats already pushing that sort of thing....

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