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  1. Found these little gems while moving my old fridge. A GR fridge magnet with a GRAW 3D effect thing tucked behind it
  2. http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=14 there you go, you will also find many more mods, maps, campaigns, weapons, total conversions by clicking the Download tab at the top of this page, then select Ghost Recon and spend the next 20 years playing them all lol
  3. Sorry i didn't finish any helis, I only released my 2 ground vehicles packs and 1 boat.
  4. My old Camo Swatch's if there of any use Camo swatch.rar
  5. Ive never really been away, even though ive moved on to another game, ive always checked GRnet forum on an almost daily biases as part of my daily routine. I just didnt post much, unless it was something i knew something about.
  6. Farley sure i have all the ones it did, i think i did 3 different camos, i even made a female face for one of them. There on an old CD so ill dig them out.
  7. Just a quick note about number 13 - replace ghosts skins (take example of jack or centcom) The Ghosts in Delta Force, Centcom and Blood oil were not Redstorm model's and there for are skinned in a different way to the original ghost models. You would have to replace all the files associated with the the original Ghosts with the ones for the highers characters, in every mission.
  8. Have you downloaded the 2 updates that were done, that fixed alot of issues with the original game http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=538 The links to the patch,s ar in the text at the bottom, I know Tinker fixed a lot of issues.
  9. Just before i left Jay was already putting some stuff together for a centcom II mod we were testing a map with a nuclear power station on, that may have been done buy bluesoul
  10. Something in the back of my minds say,s Ingaloop ? and may be Blue Soul ? sorry if i got the names wrong, may have been involved as well
  11. A quick question, Can someone with the steam version of GR play online with someone who has the original game installed ?
  12. No sorry. I arrived late, Jay had the mod almost complete and most of the mod team had, had enough of Jay's attitude buy then and left, I got involved through [GR]Net at the time as we were invited to test some of the missions. When Jay found i was half tidy with PShop he asked me to do a few textures for him, a Dishka , the Charlie G , the BDA and some load screens. Then after a while he even Peed off the remaining testers with his attitude and over the top security of "HIS" mod. Lol just read the rules of use in the read-me you'll get an idea of what it was like.
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