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  1. Now talk about bringing back memories. Jeez. Havok reappears out of nowhere, and then posts like this make me really, really miss those days. I really hope a few of us from Team [GRNET] can catch up some time soon.
  2. Good, because that means I don't have to waste my time refuting your fabrications. I think you're a bit confused, because when pledging on Kickstarter you are supporting Ground Branch. The funds raised via Kickstarter are funding the game.
  3. Dude, it's pre-alpha. That stuff either isn't in the game yet, or is so broken you can't show it. Most Kickstarters, by the way, only have screenshots, "Concept Art" and a talking head. Most projects don't show nearly as much as BFS has, in game, real time. Games today cost $60, you can get a copy of GB for $15. I spend that for two days of lunch. Takedown didn't take all the money, they got it from different sources (ie. Socom community and Notch followers) and had more media exposure, both good and some bad. When was GB ever going to be free? They NEVER, EVER, EVER said it wa
  4. That was slightly unexpected. Haha. Pretty cool.
  5. Yup. We've been doing the constructive feedback thing for YEARS now. I mean at one point we had a heavily moderated GR 2 PC wishlist thread that was entirely constructive feedback, and any negativity was immediately removed. What has all of that gotten us? Nothing much really.
  6. Hey Ubi here's an idea. Make a better PC game and people might buy them again. The reason their PC sales are down has nothing to do with pirates, it's their poor efforts on this platform, and overhanded DRM that people want nothing to do with. Other developers and publishers have no problem selling good PC games, so enough with the lazy excuse of blaming :pirate:
  7. Only the "Limited Editon" comes with Back to Karkand for free. Either download, or DVD. However I think you could only get the Limited Edition, via download, as a pre-order.
  8. It's UBI, they don't follow what the real world calls logic. Its not going to hurt anything to simply say yes or no. If they aren't releasing a PC version, it's not like they are killing sales.
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