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  1. Hi All,I know that this is waaaayy overdue but any chance anyone still have the CAS.zip file as the link given has been closed .Thanks in advance posts with CR_Bongo LASER CAS gun discussion original D/L link (Expired) [Post split from 4 year old thread (linked to original discussion instead of resurrecting it) and moved to the mod finder forum]
  2. Can we do cinematic indoors ? as I would really like to have one but its tough as the cameras always ends up showing a blank ..thanks
  3. thanks for the heads up guys ... will look for The Cut u mentioned
  4. Hi Yall, just wondering if there is any Jungle SP maps for GRAW 2 that you can recommend, I have search through the the Download sections and forums and although there are a few, its for Co-op or online maps which is kinda hard for me as the connection I have at home sucks. Do hope someone could guide me to where I could find such maps .Thanks
  5. haha I like the chinstrap look.. Im sure i'll catch on soon (then u would really know who the tourist at the mall ) ...which brings me to this.. I was playing a MOD sometime back by American Vengance or somethin and it was the Libyan conflict, funny thing was the characters , although they where wearing Boonie Hat, had chinstraps on, how did that happen ? my guess is that its due to the DS add-on ..which brings me to my original question ( which I still have not tried successfully) how do one add a ready made character , with skins and all , into a MOD ? This I realise is tricky when the map is a Desert map for some reason it would not allow a jungle character from say IT addon ( unless reskinned) Given a choice I would like all my MODS to use the bonnie hat character (yeah yeah I have a fetish for those hats )
  6. Hi Wombat awrite would try that ...well the bonnie hat project would be on hold now as I am hooked with the Op Stabilise MOD for now (awesome MOD that one! interesting u noted that by just my description ) just wanna try to play as many mods as I can now first to see what are the capabilities that GR can do other than the stock map ( im a late bloomer in GR , used to be from the BHD-JO crowd) and it seem every new mission I play I get to learn more new things and hopefully learn how to do it so when I eventually try to come up with a MOD it would not be a bag of crap .. also thanks for the heads up im sure to get permission from the modders if Im going to use their files as I know a lot of hard work has gone to making a good mod.
  7. Hi Janie, no its from the HX5 Red Sun MOD ... plenty of weapons in that mod that i kinda like.
  8. Hey Wombat thanx a mill Im gonna start workin on that now but ok got another stunner ... I am currently playing a mod which is based on the Aus SAS in Asia. but I would like to add another weapon from another mod (which has tons of weapons) so how do i go about doing that , what files or folders do I need to bring over to the Op Stabilse Mod so that the players get to use this weapons . I think I tried activating the other mod in the "OPTION" but still don't see the weapons, I gather it has got somethin to do with the weapon restriction setting or soemthin.
  9. Hi Yall , thanx for the tips ... though it still quite hazy to me no worries I gather I would pick it up slowly , ok how about this let say I wanna start a map from scratch ( not a campaign or MOD but just a stand alone mission) what do I need to do in order to get the Island Thunder character to be my default character in SP ( dont fancy the soldiers in helmets ... bonnie hats ROCKS !!) I have looked through every part of IGOR but could not find where to input this info . Or what files do in need to include if I really have to.
  10. Hi Tinker , thanx for the reply m8 .... but how do i go about doing that ? sorry really daft at this scripting business tried to read the manual but got blurred more
  11. thanks m8 I would give that one a try ..ok how do we do this, I saw on a mod once ( again i think its HX5 mod) where the characters you choose from differ from mission to mission , if its a desert map then the soldiers would be in Desert gear , if its a jungle setting it would be jungle fatigue, so my simpler question now is how do I set the characters/actors in IGOR such that I get to choose the characters for each map.... for example making the Ghost members wear jungle fatigue in a desert map , Cheers
  12. Hi yall, I m sure this question has been asked millions of times and I have tried to search for an answer but are always mislead so I was hoping u guys could help me. I am planning on a mission where the characters are wearing bonnie hats in the mission ... my question is 1) Where do i indicate in IGOR when Im creating my mission as such my characters are using the Bonnie hat characters for my jungle missions instead of the ones wearing the helmets by default ? ( I have seen in one of the mods HX5 if im not wrong where the character selections are soldiers with boonie hats when selecting team) 2) is there a way to mix both "helmets" characters and "boonie hat" characters as defaults choices in Single player mode 3) is there a way to get an actor ( not from your team) to join you in battle -> I am planning to have this mission where my team would link up with a fighting force and we would fight together ( its not necessary for me to control this actors just them coming along and shooting the enemies would be fine) Not sure if Im clear enough but any help would be appreciated.
  13. woooahh!ok I would look it up. I had found another MOD by ARMM at http://armm.planetrainbowsix.gamespy.com/n...eaponslist.htm# for rainbow six could this be used for GR games ?
  14. wohoo!! thanks Snow..at least I know it can be done altho it look like a lot of work (and softwares to get ) , but if this is the only way I would give it a spin (after I get permission from the original Mod maker
  15. Hi yall, I have seen a very nice weapon on Operation Flashpoint. It was a modded weapon (SAR21) for one of the Addons. I was wondering is there any way I could port that weapon over to GR and use it as a MOD ? ...just wondering
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