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  1. There's nothing to do. As @Zeealex said some programming magic nedded, it can be software (game code, dx api, drivers, windows, any process basically) and/or hardware problem. Try everything, maybe it'll help you . "Read from location 00000008 caused an access violation." means "GR officially crushed", you'll never know what happened without debugger, profiler and other dev tools.
  2. So true, main woman character in Terminator 6 and Ellen Ripley, can't even compare them, first one is so synthetic, made by some agitated mind who never met a girl or women, just like that and Ripley, she is just natural and dangerous. Just like any other women on Earth ) It is political and dark 😉 and always was
  3. @Zeealex You made like some promo art poster treyarch/dice aaa game stuff So, can you tell based on your experience is it typical workflow for industry (photogrammetry or other automation processes, marmoset and other tools) or there are some old fashioned guys and girls who creates everything by their hands, pen/mouse starting with splines, cubes, whatever?
  4. Here is format (RSB) description . My code is still far from complete, so it's better to start from description and implement format support properly.
  5. Vote for hardware build. For exmple, old 775 socket powered by xeon x5450 (i bought one of those on aliexpress), 775 or higher (1156, 1155) will be enough. Software emulators are not good enough for 3d, like old games or 3d editors, some of them work, but most are not supported.
  6. In most cases SDK means export, i don't think they have import plugs. Well, i don't get it :), but there is only one straight way to do it, it's reverse engineering, it's not that hard but it takes a lot of time.
  7. More like normal map files, except normal means totaly different structure. Same for playstation version of the game. I mean that files (even with the same extension) for pc differs from console ones. There must be a reason for this (optimizations, new engine, console specific things, whatever), but once again it's just files with specific structure, 7zip or any other archiver can't help here.
  8. maybe this helps https://github.com/AlexKimov/RSE-file-formats/tree/master/scripts/3dsmax/reference download link https://github.com/AlexKimov/RSE-file-formats/archive/master.zip and then scripts-3dsmax-reference or maybe we just talking about same files )
  9. Well, it's possible, but (there starts a long story about work and a free time)... it's everything i know about lights, if i missed something, let me know "MN" means "magic number" or just unknown variable
  10. It (search) works fine for me, but i use search operators https://ahrefs.com/blog/google-advanced-search-operators/ . For example, this https://www.google.com/search?q="ghost recon"|"gr" heroes unleashed mod will show us topics on HU mod and this is what google knows about Zee https://www.google.com/search?q="zeealex" What i don't like is that Google hardly loves outbound links for websites, so if you want to push your website to the top, you need to buy this things, and it randomly ignores new websites and pages, you can wait too long while new webpage will be added to search index (because of very smart algorithms). Also, we have Yandex here, it works different (almost same) and search results are more revelant for local search. But google monopolizes search for example mobile one and Yandex loses positions from year to year.
  11. Yep, this thing is not only here, it's everywhere, you'll be banned on reddit.com once you tried to use dangerous words like "communism", but what is politics? It's just a struggle between social classes. We don't need to go depper, just to realize only this simple thing and of course there is politics in my words, because "tales" about money is everywhere I've had enough of this. Nothing personal, comrade.
  12. Well, I couldn't agree more, but that's how it works and there is Survivorship bias . Yes, Remedy Entertainment (based on latest news) is independent but what about Blue Byte, Red Storm Ent or other? Games are made for money, we can't deny it, they can be bad, good or whatever word, but they must meet enougth buyers to be successful. Let's speak about studios like Activision/Blizzard. Is this Activision that make everyting wrong or it's the world and situation in this world. My answer "Yes". Bobby Kotick is a "bad" guy but a great businessman. He can sell you the same game nth times in a row (kill of duty). That's why they will be ok for years. Same with Warccraft 3. So, do whatever you can, this https://www.taxwatchuk.org/reports/world_of_taxcraft/ or this https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/12/18222484/activision-blizzard-layoffs-cuts-jobs-record-results-2018 = image 1. Money isn’t everything, but almost everything is based on money in capitalism. Until society will be ready to move forward, as it was made before with feodalizm and slavery. )
  13. You all know that every market becomes monopolistic, right? How many publishers were closed in the last years? Many, too many. In the end it doesn't matter how good your games, but how good you know the rules and how good you play this game. You can make really great games loved by modding community, but it doesn't mean that Activision won't buy you and close because they can. So, you make something that helps you to be on top, not too high and not too low but near. Ghost Recon is popular? Ok, we make something named Ghost Recon. Is it good? Doesn't matter. Is it Ghost Recon we all love? Doesn't matter. Money? Sure, we need them. Modding? Next. Our game will follow trends, be nice and maybe simple and "how do you called it Ghost Recon? Such a strange name you know, bit ok lets name it that way." Our games is still loved by comminity, they made mods and so on? Nice but what about sales? Russian devs don't make games anymore, except some online stuff like WarThunder and smaller project. There were plenty of good games in the past, but today they don't even try. Of course it is expensive and a chance to lose is to high. Simple as that. I am a part of russian comminity of a good old russian game, which is still REALLY popular after 20 years. Some young guys made (still work on) a similar game for Android and it's popular too. Does it mean that official publisher will make a remaster of this game? Well... Is there any alternatives, maybe Devolver? Does anyone know big publishers cured from "DRM and micro transactions ridden bugfests" desease?
  14. Sounds great, but "modern remasters" is a strange thing, most of them are not so good as expected. Add new visuals - check, add bugs and ignore community - double check. Also, there are examples when a good old game, that was very popular in late 90s and 2000s, can't achieve popularity in 2020s. Quake Champions, for example. It plays similar to Quake 3/Live but most of the players choose PUBG and stay away of hardcore arena shooter and it makes devs to optimize things or even to stop development.
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