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  1. I am not a judge of music, but I listened all the way through. Then I went searching for more things that you may have posted there. That says a lot right there. Is Warm Sand Blue Horizon your work, as well?
  2. When do you have time for all those sites???!!!
  3. ZJJ

    What's up?

    Hi Parabellum!! I stop in now and again. Then life takes over and I end up drowning in work. That old saying about all work and no play.... What have you been up to? @ Cpl, I used to have WK's phone number, but lost it during some phone upgrade, I'm sure.
  4. Hi die7 This is my personal computer. The RAM issue was happening before I installed Webroot. I was running AVG at the time, and when that expired I turned to WebRoot. I am actually quite satisfied with WebRoot; have used it professionally for years. When our company was hit with a cryptovirus, we didn't lose a thing due to webroot being able to neutralize and restore our files. That was the only program that identified the virus. Thank you for your advice.
  5. I work for a regional medical society. What are your concerns?
  6. @Dannik, that is what did the trick. Thank you for that suggestion! So I now have it turned off. If the RAM maxes out again, I will be able to actually do a real reboot!
  7. I never heard of hybrid shutdown! In reading about it, changing this would definitely clear the memory upon shutting down. However, when I go to my settings, I am not given the option to change it. grrr Will look into it some more. Thanks, Alex!
  8. Thanks, Wombat. I will try to reseat and/or move the RAM to different slots. I'm not getting any beep codes.
  9. I'm running a Windows 10 64-bit OS, Intel Core i5-6600K, 3.50GHz processor with 16 GB RAM. Periodically my system will run extremely slow. In checking task manager, I would find that the RAM will be maxed out (98%), but the CPU and disk drive will be less than 10%. I will not have any programs open. The process that is using the most memory would be display fusion at 47 MB. The total of usage comes nowhere close to 16 GB. The only way I can get the system back to normal is to turn it off for about 2 days. This is problematic when trying to work remotely. In the research
  10. Hey all My 11 year old grandson has picked up playing Ghost Recon on the Xbox and really enjoying it. Can you remind me if there is an option to play in first person? If I recall correctly, it is only first person when you zoom in. I did a search but came up with a "million" results. lol
  11. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

    If you put a cup in the middle of one of the plates in the microwave, you can stack another plate on top of the glass to help heat things up quicker. Just make sure everything you use is microwave safe! ♣♣
  12. ZJJ

    What's up?

    Why mess with a good thing? LOL
  13. ZJJ

    What's up?

    Harelip! Man, you just dropped off the face of the earth! Glad you are still kicking. Zebb! Another blast from the past. So good to see more familiar faces. Stay safe, guys!
  14. ZJJ

    Life Hacks

    Binder clips come in handy for many things. Here is one idea.
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