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  1. Damn, Mig, great to see you back here (it's been a while since I've been around too, but GR and all your previous mods are still installed on my steam-powered PC...) I'd second Giampi on Cobaka's maps, maybe mixed up with the old UKSF mod that's still kinda short on missions. I got stalled about halfway through several UKSF Afghan-type snow missions... always tried to be a bit too cinematic and ended up tying myself up in buggy Igor knots... but maybe if you did some desert missions I'd be tempted to open up the snowscapes again too Theo
  2. Sensational work, Mr Moon... downloaded from your alternative mirror and got about halfway (maybe?) through the mission last night. As a big fan of migryder's modding style I mean it as the highest compliment to say yours is of the same level - nicely balanced and paced, with some truly cinematic touches (insertion and Reaper drone action to name but two that have overwhelmed me so far). The skins and weapons are also truly awesome... my oldish PC was thrashing the framerate a bit at points, but nothing unplayable. Very much looking forward to jumping back into this mission again - and the rest of the missions when you get a chance to work them up and release them. Many thanks for this great expansion for OGR! Theo
  3. Superb work, pz3... RL has kept me mostly away from playing GR, and certainly from any of my own modding, for many months now, but it's great to revisit the forums and see great stuff like this still being produced. I'll be downloading this for sure! Theo
  4. Indeed I do... Tinker and H-Hour! (But you're on my mind too, Hammer, what with all your vehicles I've been scripting and blowing up recently... ) Theo
  5. Good call sir! That did the trick - though I still can't work out why other actors in the same mod were showing up (and are still showing up) in IGOR all along, despite sitting in sub-folders apparently identical to the ones that were concealing the rogue actors in question?! Ah well... IGOR... ours not to reason why... Thanks again, Tinker and Hammer! Theo
  6. Absolutely certain! For instance, I'm looking at an actor file called "afghan" which is sitting in a file in my new mod directory's "Actor" folder: I've activated this mod to top priority in-game, jumped out to IGOR to one of this mod's missions which isn;t accessible unless the mod is activated, and yet there's no actor called "afghan" showing up in the actor selection column. Any ideas? At this stage, I haven't! Thanks Hammer and all... Theo
  7. Wow, great work, Tinker. This game still has years of playing life left in it! Theo
  8. Greetings all... long time no speak... Despite long silence on the modding and even the GR-playing front, I've not yet given this game up... too much fun for that! (Have also hit a bit of a wall with my other one modding project... weird stuff going on in beta testing that doesn't happen on my home PC, which I don't have a clue how to fix except by cutting out lots and lots of eye-candy, but that's another story) So having a couple of days off at Christmas, I thought I'd play a bit of P2 as well as fire up IGOR to polish up a couple of other missions I'd promised someone - just scripting and assembling files we've already got permission to use. Which is where I suddenly came unstuck again: I want to import some Opfor actors from those other files into our new mod, but can't make 'em show up for duty on the left hand side Actor selection column in IGOR. As a result, I'm wondering if I'm just missing something obvious: what do I need to import besides actor files and character files to get them to show up? Many thanks all! Theo
  9. Second time out, 650 points for 33 shots! Yeah, that is distracting: love the way they turn in the current too. The trout are pretty obvious, the carp are crafty (just like in real life)... a lot of the raptors I got by hanging around looking for carp, and shooting the birds as they came over the top But all four wolves? No idea how to crack that... Great job, Phlook Theo
  10. LOL Yeah... I've had a few extended run-ins with scripting GR helis too... but can still only imagine what a pain in the posterior that Blackhawk sequence must have been. Positively cinematic - and a great job on the sounds for that sequence too! Theo
  11. Or watch where some of those suicidal Opfor are comin' at ya from... more than that I probably shouldn't say... Theo
  12. Thanks Rocky, Mig and Whisper Yes indeed... River Wars continue, plus an increasing number of blogs ... but there's always a little time for good ol' GR. I'll drop a line to my favourite beta-tester, see if he's up for a little more Afghan carnage... then the rest of you can jump on me too It'll just be nice to have given something back to GR's creative community, even if that's just 7 missions rather than 24!! Theo PS: Mig, saw that flypast of 3 Hinds in the cinematic early in P2 and thought, damn, this guy's read my mind... but it's not quite the same, at least not yet. again.
  13. By coincidence... or not ... I'm almost at full beta on a 7-mission add-on campaign mod requiring DTD NED: based on the concept of the CIA arming up the Afghans during the 1980s to fight off the Russians. You may also have seen this idea played out in the (relatively recent) film Charlie Wilson's War! To give you some idea of how long I've been slugging at this, I started when it was still only a book called My Enemy's Enemy by George Crile... but we *will* get to release eventually. (Gotta give Mig and Phlook some airtime for P2 after all ) Theo
  14. D'ld and finally survived that first mission. Verdict on this basis alone? simply awesome work by Mig, Phlookian and the team. (BTW, I think the hostiles somehow blew up one of their own tanks... or was that just wishful thinking on my part?) As the man said, 2 thumbs up... Now I've gotta find time to tackle the other 23 missions? Theo PS: didn't see any fishin' poles in the kits there... maybe there's an unlockable specialist with a little pack rod, though? Hehe...
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