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  1. In the spirit of keeping this thing going, I thought I'd put up a few pics, as you can see I've started playing with the lighting, this is now taking its own sweet time as the level exporter is now actively fighting me (which is a bit of a surprise) The map is pretty large and overly complex (gee must be one of my maps ), and it really isn't liking the complexity Just adding a few poly's or even changing a setting in the map editor is enough to completely contaminate the whole map on export (and it can take days just to get a clean version into the game). To belatedly reply to Tinkers post, the light fitting fault was the start of this and there is no rhyme or reason to the problem, its just weird. Anyhow, this is how it looks at the moment: Things to do: there are a number of small bugs (pathing issues, bad textures etc) that need to be put right I need to populate the streets with cover items I need to add light fittings to many rooms and work out a lighting plan (which lights are on/ off) there are places in the map where its obvious that the world ends just a few feet away (i need to put a few fake buildings on the outskirts) adjusting the fps is going to be hell on earth with a map of this complexity I need to add trees and bushes to many areas I really want to add some destroyable mission objectives (lets see if the map exporter will let me) I don't know how long all this will take (you might all be playing future soldier by then) Just thought I'd let you know I'm still out here somewhere Phlook
  2. Hey Apex, Its nice to know that you are attempting this (thanks for your efforts), I've never owned a MAC and don't really know what the differences are between the versions. If its possible that you can help me find a workaround I'll see if any of my props can be modded in some way. I can certainly export fixed weapon versions of some of these (although the usual limitations apply here (no animation/ bullets go through 'em/ you can walk through 'em etc) So maybe not good in all cases Phlook
  3. Hi Tink, Maybe you should try to put the boats into an <n> group inside the vehicle body if you want to try this idea (you'll need a mesh for the body group but that can be underground) The space between the wheels will probably be impenetrable to man though If the boats aren't to move you could try the same idea but export it as a fixed weapon (no collision plane)
  4. Thanks guys, Some sniper fun too, at the moment the sniper positions are so strong that the cqb players will be pretty unhappy. I need to add lots of cover items (trees, cars etc) to balance it out But it is coming along I have discovered a few weird faults (which I'm working to fix) I have a stock of map filler items (lights, furniture, crates etc) that I use to fill the various rooms. When I try to put light fittings in some of the rooms they do not show in game. I don't know if there is a limit to how many times you can copy the same object............ But if I put the same light in another room they are rendered perfectly in the game Very very strange
  5. Phew....... it really has been some time since I popped my head in here I've been pretty busy in the real world and the amount of modding time I get is pitiful (and quite often zero) But I've been gradually working towards finishing this project. I still have some way to go here (and some of the content I had planned just isn't going to make it into the finished map) Still, there seems to be so little going on with [GR] posts these days that I thought I'd put up a few more pics to show that I haven't given up (of course by the time I finish this thing, there won't be anyone actually playing the game ) Oh well...... Interior shots:
  6. Hey, nice! (will you be writing a mission for it? )
  7. I saw this when it first came out and I thought it was a cracking film, I saw it again recently and my opinion changed a little. Although its still way better than most popcorn blockbusters, its a film without a story (which leaves it feeling a bit empty). There are character arcs but no story arc. The bit with the windscreen wiper still made me jump out of my chair though
  8. I watched the first 3 so far. I definitely think the first one nailed it though with regard to conveying the tension and danger to the viewer. Especially when the reinforcements just took their own sweet time gearing up for the rescue. I was thinking that too about the camera crew, they are intentionally invisible (no questions aired, just responses) which works really well, but they must have felt pretty visible just then, with just a half dozen squaddies on the enemies doorstep. The other thing that amazed me about this series was just how they spot the IEDs along mile after mile of desert, the metal detector guys can't be walking in front of the trucks the whole time
  9. Hey, I really enjoyed this (was completely off my radar regarding ads etc) I guess as a soft civvie I didn't know just how involved delivering a tin of beans could really be I must be an unreconstructed sexist too, because I never knew how close to a combat situation the female suppor staff actually get. I'm looking forward to the next one, thanks.
  10. I just checked mine and it says: <UnlockedHeroes> <Hero>susan_grey.atr</Hero> <Hero>klaus_henkel.atr</Hero> <Hero>guram_osadze.atr</Hero> <Hero>buzz_gordon.atr</Hero> <Hero>henry_ramirez.atr</Hero> <Hero>will_jacobs.atr</Hero> <Hero>astra_galinksy.atr</Hero> <Hero>jack_stone.atr</Hero> <Hero>dieter_munz.atr</Hero> <Hero>nigel_tunney.atr</Hero> <Hero>scott_ibrahim.atr</Hero> <Hero>lindy_cohen.atr</Hero> </UnlockedHeroes> I'm pretty sure that I DL'd the mod in it's entirety and erased any betas I may have had This certainly is a puzzler
  11. I guess this is why I gave up writing scripts I'm glad you enjoyed it despite my little gaff (I quite like the idea of a continuation of an RSE mission but I can't think of too many others where this would work)
  12. I was trying to sort out the general mess also known as my modding PC when I found an old mission that I must have put together at least 5 or 6 years ago. I gave it a run through and it seems to work OK, so I uploaded it in case anyone had a bored half hour and wanted to play something unfamiliar. It's really not worthy of the download section though, so I've stuck the link here. It is SP only and needs DS & IT, and is supposed to work with plain vanilla weapons (I've messed with the kit files so custom weapons will bypass my restrictions) http://www.mediafire.com/?ityey4ewcmy PS: Although you only need one rocket to carry out the AT objective, there is lots of armour so take 2 demo guys
  13. Nice (is this a map or are they placeables?)
  14. I want to see a mod where you get to mow down parking meter attendants, tax inspectors and slimy politicians. I'd buy that for a dollar!
  15. I think the fuel truck is the best one (nice texture too) If you're really looking to do a map I'll help out if I can (I know you don't need me for the basic modelling) but I can maybe give a few pointers regarding structure etc Nice work
  16. They all look pretty good to me. The only thing missing is the blink faces, but TBH, I wouldn't really bother (how often do you really notice it?) Thanks for your sterling contribution (I owe you one )
  17. Wow!, nice work I just have to give this lady some ordinance and she's good to go Cheers
  18. Sorry to hear you've been unwell (sounds like you had the same as me ) Thanks for carrying on with this, yes it's just Lindy and Nigel left. Here's the lady herself: As you can see I need her chinstrap removed as she's not wearing that pot anymore. Similarly with Nigel, he's going to get a boonie, so he'll need to lose the strap as well And once again cheers for doing this
  19. It's a long time overdue, but I've finally packaged this stuff up for all you scripters out there. For those of you who have played P2, you'll have seen these objects before. These are my placeable objects (gun and vehicle files) for placeable objects such as laptop PC's, C4 explosives and CCTV cameras. DOWNLOAD Enjoy
  20. Sorry for the wait (files were in more of a mess than I thought) http://www.mediafire.com/?ow3jqzmatmz I've decided to put this out on general release so the modding guide is probably a little wordy for an old hand like yourself. If I've made any obvious blunders let me know
  21. What version of 3ds max do you have? If it's v5 then I can send you a file of a placeable object as a reference Edit: OK, I just found the file you're working with (gaspump.pob) A couple of things here: Firstly, the model you are looking at is not a vehicle, it is a damaged model of a dynamic object. Dyn objects are part of a map (like the cars in the embassy map), if you destroy them, they are swapped out and replaced with a damaged version. Although vehicles and damaged models (and fixed weapons) are all .pobs. they are not the same animal and are tagged differently. Secondly, the exporting process from 3dsmax to RSE filetypes cannot be reversed (you cannot open up a .pob in 3dsmax and change the tags) If you want to experiment with making a placeable object (i.e. a vehicle pretending to be something else), i suggest you open up the demo map (its on one of the GR discs) and remove a table or a barrel or something and start with that. Once you have mastered the tagging, maybe have a go at something of your own. One thing to remember with placeables is that the engine creates a perimeter around the object in a rectangular shape, don't try to create something that you want to enter (like a tent or crescent shaped sandbag emplacement) as you will be kept outside of it.
  22. A good reference for vehicle tagging is Oso's site: http://eloso.3dretreat.com/Eloso/Main/ It doesn't deal with all vehicle types but it does have some very easy to follow lessons
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