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  1. Im sad to hear about these news far too late :-( Mig was a truly good soul and a good friend. We worked together with lots of stuff in making mods and stuff. R.I.P my friend.
  2. hello guys! yes Giampi :-) , we did a great work back in the days :-)
  3. i also think that it's never been done :-( do not know if there is any weapon-modder still out there? probably not!
  4. hi peter! fantastic pic :-) but im asking if there is a SD-version made flr GR? Natsanwa made a regular version for me years ago, but i really miss a SD-version for Russian troops.
  5. hello wombat! it's not a SVD, it's a diff snpier-rifle. i have a normal version of the SV98, but lack a SD version. here is a pic,
  6. hi there! wondering if anyone know if there is a silenced SD version of the russian sniperrifle SV98 out there? /Ingeloop
  7. it's correct guys. the _ip_ stands for ingeloop. made a great deal of diff reticles.
  8. Wow!! it's really nice to see you guys working. thumbs up for a great new mod. is there any chance for an update on the storyline/plot??
  9. i think i have the Kriss somewhere in a folder. and i think it was Natsanwa who made it for me.
  10. send me an email and tell me what you have in mind. lillis.nilsson@bahnhof.se
  11. Hi there guys! i've been away from this fantastic community for a while and for various reasons. but im starting to picking up things and perhaps getting back in the saddle again. i wonder if there is anyone still weapon modding out there? because i have some nice requests/challenges that i hope can be realised.
  12. i say no. what i know is that the AN-94 has a Two-round burst.
  13. use them as you like as long as you give me credit.
  14. Fine! i have made those reticles.
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