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P2: A Cold Day In Hell

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@ Lighty, Yes, Mig gave permission :)

Sorry for the mix up.

I left something out so I took it down for 30-45 minutes to correct it.

I thought nobody would get a dead link. It was past midnight my time and early morning in the UK and Europe.

You guys have to get a life. ;)

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I want to apologize for not giving a nod to the reticule makers in the P2 trailer.

I'm not sure if they were specially made for P2 but they look great in it.

I noticed a glaring spelling error after watching the slideshow numerous times. :lol:

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I want to apologize for not giving a nod to the reticule makers in the P2 trailer.

I'm not sure if they were specially made for P2 but they look great in it.

I noticed a glaring spelling error after watching the slideshow numerous times. :lol:

that would be ingeloop for the most part...he has had a hand in reticles, GUN files, projectiles, kit icons, kits, skins for standard Ghosts, new Russian Federation Hero characters from northern Spetnaz(see above posts), opfor chrs other than Frostbite, RSE, or Spetsgruppa Vymple - of these Naval Infantry two versions, Alfa, NBC Protection, Rockets Arty, Strategic Rockets, 34th Werewolves Spetsnaz, MVD arctic woodland, Air Defense, 4 class A uni officers from captain to general in rank, two NBC Protection/WMD experts(Federation loyalists), new UN skins/chrs, misc opfor from MVD Osnaz mod, MI Recon officers, Russian EOD, injured Federation pilot POW, two new Federation Spetsnaz POWs, on n on it seems...suffice it say, ingeloop is a big part of P2 and has been invaluable in getting this thing where it is..did I mention he helped with SP testing last summer? Now he has been asked for just a bit more input for some new weapons natsanwa(another invaluable contributor!) was able to get us and made a great ret for a Javelin...+ .gun file + at least one of two prjs for it ...always there...

just tell em mig did that part of the text wombat, they'll believe ya! :yes::rofl:

other rets, you'll recognize the one for pz3's M4 TOA1 Bipod, a few weaps from PsychoDad and his rets which were used on other weapons too..

many of Earl's weaps in the mod so more n likely I used a ret or two from 'Vympel...some had been changed out in MVD Osnaz to ingeloop's...

mig :ph34r:

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Gettin' closer - CO-OP testing for create game and dedicated sever is moving along, though we have had issues to sort out most are getting resolved quick enough. Having stated that there is one holding us hostage, but we believe we can sort it out too.

That is of course Klaus in the soldier screen sporting a new skin by ingeloop...just got that and three others from ingeloop today...heroes are all set including their xml which will be included in a folder along with unlocked missions text that can be copied into your unlocked missions xml allowing immediate access to quick mission mode in SP.

A big thanks to Phlookian, ingeloop, wombat50, GreyHaired, H-Hour, Janie42, OSO, Team Nighthawks, and Tinker for all of your efforts, support, suggestions, help with oddities, and willingness to help push this thing through to completion...not to forget KRP 56 and NH2S for all the time and effort they put into SP testing all 24 missions over a long and brutal time span...and I thought we had got it all sorted out there...lessons learned.

KRP 56 - I really will get the "check" in the mail soon.

mig :ph34r:

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Applauding everyone's commitment to seeing that P2's beta testing phases are handled properly, thoroughly, especially this close to release...

that takes a lot of patience.

-- P2 is definitely worth waiting for! --

It's shaping up to be a robust, expansion pack reflecting GR's original (aka "true") spirit. :thumbsup:

The maps (new & retextured), characters, weapons, and in-game assets are breathtakingly lovely and professionally polished with care, deep detailing, and surprises for all...

and the missions...

24 new GR missions!

... each one brilliantly scripted to weld a seamless map-mission marriage...

and these missions are hard, not unfairly hard, realistically hard...

and varied...

something for everyone--but run n' gun is not going to get players anywhere!

You'll have lots of time to look around and appreciate the wonderful mapping extravaganza... :rofl:

if you can stay alive long enough!

P2 represents years in the making...

and it shows!

When the public release hits, there are going to be a lot of unbelievably happy GR addicts, SP & co-op alike!

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-- P2 is definitely worth waiting for! --

It is indeed worth the wait! :yes: Wonder if I'll be able to take a two week medical leave of absence from work for a bad case of P2 fever,when this comes out? :o

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comments regarding mission 1 from two people who are play testing -

"My heart was pounding with pressure/fear almost constantly..." and "So, (after getting my [edit] handed to me, and filling bodybags with my own fire team on the first mission)..." The latter statement is a fair warning to those who play it in SP Campaign mode..don't fall too fond of your opening cast of chrs for that mode...hope you have enough to play it all through...

and BTW thats why I chose that silly title...[P]ressure Two(2): A Cold Day in Hell... :devil:

Wonder if I should make Pressure available as a P2-ized mod? You know, winter maps(well Red Square is anyway) and P2 chrs, vehicles, etc..hmmm maybe I already have that... :devil: and maybe its already in the P2 Goodies folder! :whistle:

mig :ph34r:

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WOW and WOW again!!! :yes: P2 team's still hard at work finishing this gem up and I've been testing my backside off. :o Not to mention getting my backside shot off! :o= You'll have many,many fun filled hours with this mod. Playing the SP campaign straight up (No QS etc.) should put you well over the 20 hour mark. :devil: It's been a long time coming but I'm sure you'll enjoy the end result. :jeswink:

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Night Hawks dedi testing status...

List of V2 and V3 missions played on NH dedi or lappy(invincible) server

As of May 18

P201 completed NH

P202 completed NH

P203 completed NH

P204 completed lappy

P205 completed lappy

P206 completed lappy

P207 completed lappy

P208 completed NH

P209 completed NH

P210 completed NH

P211 completed NH

P212 completed lappy

P213 completed NH

P214 CTD NH server; This mission works for me in SP(wombat50), test enviornment V_3 has got to help this.

this is not going to be a problem - mig

P215 completed NH

P216 Need to check "2 - Capture the ADA and MI Officcers" since the updating.

P217 I think the twirling antenna issue is fixed but mission not completed since this fix.

P218 completed lappy

P219 completed NH

P220 completed NH

P221 completed NH

P222 completed NH

P223 completed lappy

P224 completed NH

as posted above KRP 56 completed the campaign in fine fashion, except he did get one odd ctd which he was unable to reproduce...I'm replaying the campaign in dev mode for the 5th time just to be more sure...this has exposed a few minor flaws that have been or are now being corrected..text issues mostly...

there may be one more item to add by Phlookian...a non combat related thing..but something close to his heart...

mig :ph34r:

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With its imminent release:

P2 (Pressure 2)

Requires GR, DS, IT(patched to 1.4 ) and Frostbite 1.3

Run P2 at highest priority

Also requires a strong heart and a strong mind. ;)

The 24 missions scripted by migryder are difficult but not impossible.

Mig has tried to balance all of them for good gameplay and has spent many hours to ensure they work correctly in SP and MP. Note: Read the briefings!

Weapons, vehicles, reticules, textures and characters used look first rate ingame.

I thought the sounds for the added weapons were very good. Many ambient sounds have been added to all the maps.

All the maps are of winter environment. There are some new maps along with many that are retextured some for the first time in P2. Having played allot of these maps in their original state, the retexturing and added sounds gives them a completely new feel.

Phlookian has added allot of placeable items and map objects to the mod. Most missions use them and they add a great deal to the gameplay and atmosphere of the missions. This is not all Phlook has done for the mod. I will not go into detail but some of it is simply amazing or unseen before in GR.

Taking prisoners: The tossers are armed but if you can get close enough, with their guards being eliminated beforehand, they will surrender. Shooting hostages or prisoners usually results in mission failure.

The use of frags or rockets can make for a surprise at times. There are WMD's on some of the maps and radiation or nerve agents can be released if these weapons are used in their vicinity.

It was never drudgery to have a part in testing P2. When we(Team Nighthawks) received the mod to test on a dedicated server it was very stable in SP after months of prior testing. We did locate some things that did not work correctly on a dedicated server.

Some of them were dealt with quickly but a few things took some doing by Mig and Phlookian to fix.

For anyone not having played P2 you are in for playing one amazing mod.

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With its imminent release:


  /ˈɪmənənt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [im-uh-nuhnt] Show IPA


1. likely to occur at any moment;


This is going to be AWESOME.

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