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  1. Yeah, I guess they fixed some things. It's obvious that some things got broke. Ah well, they gave it a shot. Slow
  2. Cod4: when enough folks reach 55, it will be a better looking Counter Strike, more "twitch" than tactical. I'll leave it to you young fellers. Graw is the best of a bad lot. Just waiting to see what happens with graw3, [OFP: DR], black foot studios, etc, etc. Here's hoping that someone has the time, resources, and inclination to put some substance in their form. Slow
  3. The All Seeing Eye........... those were the good days.......... Slow
  4. No the time is not hard coded. Make sure you add the gametype settings section to your config, otherwise it'll default to 15 mins & 32 players. The city map that tinker used was not the final version of broks TvT map - we'll look at updating it shorlty. If you can - please post the bugs on our bug tracker, so we can follow them up, thanks. ummm....... what? Slow
  5. I speculate... here we go again...... Slow
  6. Good idea......... got a game server and TS server. Good to go. Slow
  7. Take notice of the ..... ..... it might be a clue. Slow
  8. It dosn't get far enough to read that file. It won't boot to default or "my.xml". The folks where I rent the server don't install games. If you can't upload it ...then, sol. Slow
  9. I got in...I played...it works ....what dose your w2000 have that mine dosn't? Slow
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