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  1. Cheech or is it chong or both cheech and chong
  2. So what's happening Halli, are we keeping Friday nights clear?
  3. Loving the new maps, {BPR} have put up a new map rotation
  4. I had to double check I was in the right place, very nice guys
  5. Nice looking forward to them mate
  6. I’m not that good then it comes to setting up a car, but this seems to work or at least I understand it a little better Setup Guide hope it helps
  7. Volvo - The Game download here Tried it and it works just fine
  8. This thread has gone a bit quite but Friday nights Crouch only is still going strong, So if you’re all hunched over with nowhere to go, fire up COD4 and we'll see you there.
  9. Floyd

    Grid Racing

    We are still racing every Sunday and everyone is welcome just hop on TS for the details
  10. Floyd

    Grid Racing

    That OK I'm using the Xbox 360 game pad so I'll be driving auto also
  11. Floyd

    Grid Racing

    We are having a blast tonight mate around 9 ish uk time, which I think is about 4pm new York time ( I’ll let you work the west coast out )
  12. Floyd

    Grid Racing

    So is anyone still racing in GRID, we seem to have had a revival at SPARTA and we would like to get some regular races going. So far we are thinking about Sunday at the moment but the beauty about GRID is it nice and simple to set up, so with just a few is will soon gain momentum. If you are interested just post or hop on TS (over 18 only) TS info on sig
  13. Had so fun games last night , looking forward to more of the same tonight
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