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  1. Well being away from the forum for sometime; nothings really changed... As of today checking out the game servers, theirs very little interest in running custom maps... I guess this answers why the talent floated away, perhaps to Crysis, COD4 or TF2....
  2. This is a problem... their is no proper protocol when dealing with mods in general... releases and updates of mods seem sparatic, they usually end up being rebundled and being re-released... so if the host, publisher, and client have different or similar files (but not identical) this will happen, especially when anyone can easily create and accidentally name things with similar nomenclature.
  3. Nope, no support for rain and snow yet. Doesn't the PhysX Engine support fluids, smoke, rain and debris? Dark Physics [PhysX by Ageia]
  4. Gave that a go still giving the same error So it worked third time around... this time I didn't flatten the modifier list. Muchos gracias!!!
  5. Gave that a go still giving the same error
  6. "Errors: Node landscape_01 has a scaling pivot transform" I've tried resetting the pivot, transform and scale... how do I get rid of this?
  7. In 3DSMAX the count was 15273 vertices... when exported to a .diesel the count was 17788? Anybody know why this value changes... Another map has 19146 vertices in 3DSMAX when exported to a .diesel the count was 37941, any reason why its doing this?
  8. The water texture also works with a standard 'plane' (planar) objects vs a 'box' object, so long as a 'pivot point' is below the water surface. Just in case you want to save polys.
  9. I downloaded the demo of Grome, and installed it. Spent about 45min watching those tutorials (on the website) and I was making terrain in no time... just a bit disappointed you can't save or export... this tool kicks butt compared to other apps I've been experimenting with... (Vue 5, Autodesk Viz (AEC terrain), Dreamscape plugin, GroundWiz plugin, and a plethera of 3DEM apps) What impressed me is the polys remained fairly tangent at the seams of the different zones... oh and it's fast because of its LOD functions.
  10. I was was browsing today looking for improving workflow with level design, this is fairly interesting for natural terrain development. Check out those screens... it might give you some ideas... they also have a demo if you care to try it out. Grome Editor by Quad Software
  11. It will also make physics calculations against teh ground easier. So there are good things with splitting the landscape up. Beside the texture edges, lightmapping is hard in split landscapes though. As lightmap resolution is low compared to the tiling textures, you usually get a bad edge where the landscape is split. So take care to figure out where to split the landscape to minimize those. Can't be done until the environment is set so you know which way the shaodws are gonna be cast though. So, would it make sense to build it as a whole. Texture it, then break it up to manageable part? Now you that you mentioned shadows, how would you do a preview to check if they appear correct?
  12. Papa 6, this is off topic, but since you're rendering lightmaps (hopefully you've sorted out the issues when you're reading this), Do you mind answering some questions?: How large is that map (400m x 400m?) and the number of objects in it? What type of lighting are you using? How long did it take to render out lightmaps... and what level did you set it at? (Wolfsong) - In the GRAW editor you needed to minimize settings of editor plus it had to be in windowed mode is this still a requirement in the GRAW2 editor (as you can guess I'm not far along my customized terrain)? When you're rendering out the light maps does the editor utilize multiple cores? (Wolfsong) Would it make a difference if your rig is running with more memory or a 64bit OS? (Wolfsong) - You've mentioned that "render farms" were used to render out some of the content in GRAW2, (network rendering) is it possible to do this with rendering out lightmaps? ie. linux based software like muster and clone a bunch of virtual machines.
  13. ZBrush creates to heavy meshes for terrain I think. It's great for creating normal maps and such, but not really for entire landscapes. I guess you could make the initial shape in ZBrush and then lower it and clean it in Max. I do the back and forth thing... I find MAX too restrictive when it comes to natural shapes. Plus it's fairly easy to clean up in MAX.
  14. Just wondering if anyone else is using Z-Brush to make terrain? Broke out the ol' tablet and guess what I lost myself is using Z-Brush... when will I have time to shoot BSR?
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