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  1. why does ACTF_-DN- have a red retical custom, cross hairs ?
  2. i gota thank the people that posted posted good or bad but most id like to say thank you to the members of Sparta and the BDA both have my utmost respect thanks for your posts
  3. i might but it seams thay have there mind made up and as i stated thay have some demo of my supposed hacking . i don't hack and never have
  4. bump i just got baned from extream eagles , not going to talk smack but i was ban for for a no reload hack . thay have a demo so ive been and also told being to go and alwasys having a good score i dont hack or glitch or any other thing . and have no idea how to prove this . this game desptrly needs punkbuster or some other anti hack thing . its crazy i have no idea how i can keep my honer and still use the gun i like or kill . guess ill go play in the BDA at least thay dont think i hack ilove mecha*BDA* ps. any one thats going to be at NVIDIA GeForce LAN 4 and would like to see me prove this game i will
  5. yeah i think i played you thef your not bad and its geting to where ive been told i was on this form my name as a hacker idk i looked and did not see any thing but just trying to clear my name and i dont get what the eff comment is hope this is not "going to get good"
  6. yes i knew i was going to be called a hacker and have been accused Meany times almost ever time i play im not calming to be the best but i know i dont hack and have some skill so i record my self all the time now trying to get use to the drag recording my self takes so that i can get back to full speed
  7. firs off im not sure anyone but me cares but im not a hacker and i know some of you that have played me think i am so i have upload a demo of me doing a quick DM My hopes is that this little demo will clear up and stop some of you from calling me a hacker thanks for your taking the time to look ilove mecha - does not hack <a href="http://files.filefront.com/graw2-demo-idont-hack.avi/;8525254;/fileinfo.html" title="graw2-demo-idont-hack.avi">graw2-demo-idont-hack.avi</a> if there was some other way for me to clear this up I would *notes about the demo program used "Taksi Desktop Video Recorder" no sound - sorry dont know why i think its my onbord 10 fps for 5 min 14 sec in dvix video server www.wardogz.co.uk - recruiting map DM_fort my score 20-5 (not the best but I had lag from demoing) players: holokaust .zD Hoops .zD Operator .SF Naskul jo0gz Sgtrock uxb(b3serker) .zD WarGoddeS. ChaseBrow ilove mecha - does not hack
  8. lets get a good old bump tried some thing crazy took the exe from winxp set in win2000 mode and still nothing really did not think it was going to work
  9. yeah i wish a higher up would at least try to comment about this and sorry but i have no idea why a mouse would make a difference as "-CONAN-" suggested ?
  10. well your getting much farther than i am if that's any condolence
  11. yeah sorry about the slashes going the wrong way i was testing that but i have set them back i would like to reiterate that my settings work with my 2003 server but do not with my 2000 server so the line is back to looking like this <standalone_path value="/Settings/servers/graw_server_coop.xml" /> as for not runing on any thing but win XP i am not shur thats the case as like many have side that it does run with win2003 server and in this thread alon some has run a SADS on win2000 server its just odd that i dont get any responce i dont get a cmd window or any cpu usage
  12. right as i said the win 2000 server i have is a dual xeon 2.8 with a gig ram and 100mb pipe connect when i try to start the sads it shows that its getting the input from me by showing a hour glass for a very brief time like lest than 1/2 a sec then does noting no dos looking console comes up no cpu usage saying that its working no exe showing up on the processes .... nothing i don't see why the config would matter cuz it runs on a 2003 server i have but the config is some thing like this but i have chaged the admin password to nothing for the public "file graw_server_coop.xml" <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ghost_recon_3_server name="coop"> <allow_sidechange_under_match value="true"/> <auto_balance value="true"/> <auto_balance_limit value="2"/> <auto_kick value="false"/> <auto_kick_time value="240"/> <both_side_ready_required value="true"/> <coop_difficulty value="hard"/> <death_cam value="1"/> <dedicated_server value="true"/> <disable_frag_grenade value="false"/> <disable_grenade_launcher value="false"/> <disable_heavy_rifle value="false"/> <disable_light_rifle value="false"/> <disable_smoke_grenade value="false"/> <disable_sniper value="false"/> <fail_on_leader_death value="false"/> <forced_spawn_time value="60"/> <friendly_fire value="true"/> <game_mode value="MPCoop"/> <immortality_duration value="3"/> <level value="mission05_ogr"/> <load_next_maps value="true"/> <map_cycle value=""/> <match_length value="10"/> <match_points value="200"/> <max_ai_ghosts value="3"/> <max_deaths value="5"/> <max_move_without_ack_time value="2"/> <max_players value="12"/> <member_info_broadcast_interval value="5"/> <message_of_the_day value=""/> <mpcoop_timer value="5"/> <name value="SADS @jesusservers.com"/> <next_map value=""/> <next_round_time value="15"/> <no_cost_weapons value="false"/> <password value=""/> <password_locked value="false"/> <players_ready_required value="2"/> <port value="15250"/> <punish_tk value="false"/> <resupply_ammo_time value="20"/> <rounds value="1"/> <scan_for_cheats value="true"/> <siege_time value="5"/> <skip_insertion value="false"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> <start_condition value="2"/> <start_points value="50"/> <switch_sides value="false"/> <teamkill_kick_limit value="3"/> <vote_enabled value="true"/> <vote_kick_starters value="1"/> <vote_map_starters value="1"/> <vote_ratio value="70"/> <vote_time value="10"/> <win_condition value="6"/> </ghost_recon_3_server> "file servers_shared.xml" <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ghost_recon_3_servers_shared> <admin_password value="" /> <!-- The path to your wanted server settings xml. for example: <standalone_path value="/settings/servers/graw_server_myserver.xml" /> --> <standalone_path value="Settings\servers\graw_server_coop.xml" /> <!-- Your network speed, in kbps. Lowest recomended is 256, highest for internet play is 3048. Setting this value to 0 means LAN play. --> <standalone_network_speed value="1048" /> <standalone_post_on_gamespy value="true" /> </ghost_recon_3_servers_shared> there aare my configs i have also tried letting it run the default config and still the same thing happens (no sads window shows up or starts just a quick hour glass ) thanks
  13. hello i have a win 2000 server and cant get the sads to start i have a good config and set up that works on my win2003 server its just ward the server should at leas start even if it could not run it but it seams like its not even trying ::sad face:: any help would be appreciated server specs are dual xeon 2.8 with a gig ram 100mb back bone connect
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