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the "Ghost Recon Forever" Dedicated Server

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NOTE (11/25/2012):

Due to unforeseen problems with our server hosting provider the GRF server is currently offline. We are looking for a new provider and will post details once we find a suitable solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Ghost Recon Forever" - GR.net's Dedicated Ghost Recon Server

The "Ghost Recon Forever" server is meant as a permanent online gaming solution for the GR.net community and Ghost Recon fans in general. The server is run by / in accordance with GR.net staff and GR's godfather Rocky, and it follows GR.net rules and standards. (Please read the Server Rules. Additional server rules may be implemented as we move along.) Server administration is currently available to GR.net moderators and a team of experienced game server admins listed below (we welcome additional admin applicants). We are still in a testing phase to iron out any kinks and get a general feel for what is needed/wanted. Please be patient with us as we get settled in. Thank you.

See you on the battlefield!

The GR.net team


  • reliable permanent server solution
  • online & available 24/7
  • fixed IP address
  • access via direct IP and/or Xfire (not required)
  • 100Mbit network bandwidth
  • low network latency
  • unlimited data transfer
  • 36 player slots (up to 36 for TEAM/SOLO, 9 to 27 for COOP)
  • 60 voicecom slots (30 slots each for North America and Europe)
  • powerful dedicated hardware (collocation)
  • running Ghost Recon exclusively
  • open access / free for all
  • community driven
  • fully monitored for cheat/hack protection (ReconLog etc.)
  • managed by experienced server admins

Xfire (Not Required):


Direct IP Connection:

In-Game Voice Communication (Recommended):

  • Mumble Client Software Download
  • Mumble Instructions
  • Mumble Server 1 (North America):
    Server Name: Ghost Recon Forever (Mumble USA)
    Port: 3809
  • Mumble Server 2 (Europe):
    Server Name: Ghost Recon Forever (Mumble UK)
    Port: 3784

Server Admins:

Server Time (UTC):

Game Schedule (UTC):

  • Monday to Thursday: "Vanilla Week Free4All" - Ghost Recon incl. Expansions, OPEN Server Setup (All Games)
  • Friday & Saturday: "Mods Weekend Free4All" - Mod(s) of the Week, OPEN Server Setup (All Games)
  • Every Sunday: "Mods & Co-Op Sunday" - Mod(s) of the Week, CLOSED Server Setup (Co-Op Games Only)
Server Setup Password (When Applicable):
  • "GRnet12" (without quotation marks)
  • Note: Abuse may result in ban and/or open server setup access being revoked!

"Vanilla" Ghost Recon Install:

  • Ghost Recon v1.4.0.0 (Origmiss)
  • Desert Siege (Mp1)
  • Island Thunder (Mp2)

Mod(s) of the Week (Required):

Mods Installed:

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ok, I unzip (using 7zip) the first one, it created a Heroes Unleashed folder

2nd and 3rd gave me errors

so deleted the Heroes Unleashed folder, and redo

I highlighted all three to unzip together it created one Heroes Unleashed folder, but my game crashes

I'm patched all the way, I even used to play Heroes Unleashed --- Hardcore

any tips?

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All downloads are verified to work (tried them myself), so it looks like a problem on your end.

Just right-click the first one and select "Extract here" (or something along those lines - don't have 7-zip handy now).

Also make sure you have the most up-to-date version of 7-zip (v9.20). Apparently older versions have trouble extracting ultra-high compression archives. From what I hear, e.g. WinRAR won't work at all.

Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

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I had the exact issue as Ledanek using 7Z 9.20 v 64 bit.

This was downloading the mod in three parts.

Got it working by downloading the entire archive using the "Main Server" button in the d/l section and had no problems.

Just sayin.

Edited by wombat50
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I had the exact issue as Ledanek using 7Z 9.20 v 64 bit.

This was downloading the mod in three parts.

Got it working by downloading the entire archive using the "Main Server" button in the d/l section and had no problems.

Just sayin.

roger lima that "Main Server" there wombat...thanks

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Hmm... tried all Mac and PC downloads again and had no problems with either multi-part and one-part files. I have no idea why the split download would corrupt for you while the single file doesn't. If anyone else encounters this, please let me know.

A little heads up about the server: There was a Windows misconfiguration that caused some problems with unplanned hardware shutdowns recently. Hope this is fixed and the server stays online 24/7 from now on. I also set it up to fully auto-relaunch everything in case something goes wrong again, so even if the server hardware does shut down for whatever reason, the GR server should always be back online within a couple of minutes.

Good hunting! :thumbsup:

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You will never believe this, but I installed from Steam (love the convenience), downloaded Heroes Unleashed and 7-zip, crossed my i's and dotted my t's, and played. Just me and a bunch of bots. Tricky doing it with my right hand being as stupid as it is, but wow. Ten years old, and it's still living on.

And that, right there, is why I am so adamant about BlackFoot Studios. I might die from an ounce of tap water (seriously), but I will always have OGR in the past and present, with Ground Branch in the future.

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Did you use WinRAR? Apparently some unpacking utilities have a serious problem with ultra-high 7-zip compression. I suggest you try (the original) 7-zip, it's free and open source and proven to work.

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