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  1. So what happened to the projects discussed here? Marz1 was moving with a project until this thread took a left turn towards a different direction. Really guys?
  2. Well, one thing is certain. We can't count on RSE/UBI to come up with anything close to what it appears is being done here. I am sure Wildlands will fall short as did the Division . If there were possible more help to make a few updated maps with interesting additions, we all may be surprised, otherwise it will be overwhelmingly difficult for one or two people to achieve a project like this. Then people will surely, not be satisfied because they will say there aren't but "X" number of maps. This appears to be for the GR community, not just for a handful of people. Lightspeed, you made gr
  3. One man's opinion...... it's been 15 years, with other improvements to the local area, seems like concrete or parking lot would not be out of the question. I say do it!
  4. This work is looking great. Looks like the graphics here are a lot cleaner and detailed. I like the new buildings & terrain mixed with the original items. The idea of land mines is awesome. Looking forward to more details. Too bad there aren't more old time modders working on this project. One man working on a project like this will need help.
  5. I was able to join without issue! Best Regards, Saker
  6. Absolutely NO need for any apologies from you Apex! If I had a spare computer I would just open it up for a dedicated GR server and let it run. Anyone with a decent upload can do that without issues as long as there are no background programs that run and cause bandwith issues. IE: A computer with only GR and not extra programs or AV would be perfect for that! >>>> maybe someone has a spare computer and a good upload that can do that for the time being !?!?! <<<<
  7. To: OSONS You posted this: ...when infact you should have read the following posting from Riverbc! Please adhere to the rules in this forum. Do not respond if you are not directly involved. Please keep that in mind. Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated! Best Regards, Saker
  8. Can you throw the link up for the download ....or is it on your 1st Post ?
  9. Added to Exceptions List, should work now.
  10. to themself.... I guess I probably shut my GR server down about the same time you started playing then. But what you describe used to not be the norm. When I shut my FNG server down, AEG and FNG got together and put up a rented server..... it ran mods at times as well! If so many people want to play with no mods at all and just LMS, makes me wonder why people like yourself don't throw up a PC and make it a dedicated server to run "Vanilla GR". With a decent connection, you could host 10-12 people....might make the community grow bigger...... BTW, I guess I am a die hard stick in the
  11. I agree with this statement! I hate to say, but I don't agree with this statement as many modders devoted time and energy that was reflected by online use of great mods. My server almost always ran different mods than "plain old vanilla” as well as most of the associated clans I knew. That’s why modders, like yourself, made mods….. to give the community something refreshing to look at and play. That is quite evident by the sheer number of mods out there! When, GR had a really large following, most servers ran mods. Sure you could find some servers that still ran “vanilla” but if m
  12. DITTO Would DollyTheSheep happened to have been playing on your server? If so, he has xfire running, someone can join on him and the server he is playing on...could be how you get randoms sometimes.
  13. I don't know how long you have played GR, but a good while back UBI Game Server did what you were looking for. There was a list of every server (Hosted Games) if that game server logged in thru UBI...... I remember when you had to wait to play because there were 500 players playing GR thru the UBI Game Server. I dont know of any other way to do that anymore. Maybe someone ( Some Technical Code writing Web Guru person) needs to do something like that again!
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