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  1. aaaaahhhhhhh so its them who has the problem and not me lol Thanks to JohnTC02 - this is why you earn the big money mate
  2. Thanks for the reply CJo1964. I just tried your suggestion and there is no change. I set everything as low as it would go then i worked up 1 by 1 in the settings to see if there was any change (took me ages ) but there was none whatsoever (apart from the graphics getting slightly nicer with each test) Here are a couple of screenshots of what I mean Headlights on the vehicle are meant to be on in this image In this next image I shot out the front left vehicle headlight (right of the crosshair as you look in the image) so the light should be off. You can see it is a lot darker than
  3. Thanks for the reply mate, unfortunately i already have that selected ( Its a weird one this one that's for sure
  4. Does anyone here know why I can't see vehicle headlights but my friends can? We only ever play co-op missions over LAN together (I am usually hosting the game on my PC if this is any help) My PC specs - Nvidia GTX 260 gfx card 2GB (palit overclocked) 8GB DDR3 RAM AMD Phenom x4 945 processor 3.2GHZ ASUS M4A77TDPRO MOBO Retail version of the game fully patched and modified with Rahnmans weapon mod and various amazing maps from this very site (many thanks to the modders out there - I am one myself an know it to be a thankless task) I am using Rahnmans weapons mod v4.01 I have enab
  5. Just a quickie chaps, if you are in one of the Mumble servers and someone is acting the goat - and by that I mean constantly switching channels unnessesarily, playing loud music or generally acting like a little spoiled brat whilst you are trying to have a civilised game and refuses to stop please let us know (you can pm either myself or Apex if you wish to remain anonymous) so that we can take the appropriate action. This should hopefully never be required but we can ip block unsociable people if it is deemed nessesary
  6. Not content with providing the community with a great server to play Ghost Recon on Apex has also provided us all with 2 Mumble voice servers so that we can all chat properly whilst gaming. In anticipation of this I have set up a small setup guide for Mumble for those who require it. Mumble is a simple to use and very good quality voice server but for those of you who might be having difficulties getting it all set up here is a small guide. Now I realise that not everyone will need this guide and if you are one of them don't moan about it being here, it is here to help those who may need it
  7. So little gaming time these days, I miss being able to get on any time I like
  8. A nice shiny new version of Heroes Unleashed eh, nice. I will get it a.s.ap and hopefully get into the server sometime this week.
  9. A wise man once told me that you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time - as a modder myself these are the very words I live by. I am looking forward to trying the server with Heros Unleashed included
  10. @Apex, just a thought mate but is it possible for you to add weapon mods to the server? There are 1 or 2 very good ones I can recommend if you can and are willing to give it a try, also is it possible to add fogless? I am so used to playing without fog now that it seems like a step backward for me playing with fog everywhere. If not don't worry, it's still a lot of fun playing on the server
  11. We had some fun games today, it would certainly help if more soldiers used mumble, my poor old fingers cant type and shoot at the same time lol There are mumble server details on the previous page, its free to join - just don't be intimidated by my accent
  12. Just been in the server with 3 others, everyone crashed out after around 5 mins but might have just been a glitch. Anyway, I will be setting up some mumble servers this weekend for Apex but in the meantime you are all free to use our private mumble server (only holds 10 people) and here are the details - we call the server Excession chat Address - Port - 10287 Password - mandrake This server will be available until I get the others set up this weekend (which I will do a.s.a.p)
  13. The chaps and I use mumble and have done for about 2 years because the quality is is far better than ventrilo (which is what we used to use). We don't host our server ourselves though, we use multiplay for the excellent price and service they provide but if you have a specific problem getting it all set up I might be able to help xfire - silk0 (all welcome to add me)
  14. I play a lot of Ghost recon via LAN (and hamachi as some of us live in different countries) with a few mates in co-op mode and we just love the game. I originally bought it on Xbox years back and since then I bought versions of the game for PS2 and then my favourite version - PC IMO this game can hold its own against the newest fps games released today
  15. Awesome stuff, as soon as I manage to get the time I will join in - might bring some friends along too
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