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  1. Well seems the power outages were not the problems, seems I hoped against hope. Thinking primarytarget has run off.
  2. News on friday said still 300k still without power in Pa.
  3. That could still be the possibility but with so many without power in the state the server is based, it very well could be the power outage. So we hope for that till power outages are sorted.
  4. 1.2 million people are without power in PA. We are assuming that Primary Target, the provider for the server, is in that group. Everything Primary Target has is offline. News reports say could be sunday before all power is restored in the storm damaged area.
  5. Read in the news this morning, 1.2 million without power in pa. Saying could be sunday before all power is back on. Assuming for now that Primary Target, the provider of the server is in the power outage.
  6. West coast has power outages too, East coast has alot of that from hurricane sandy also. Hurricane Sandy hit nj and went up thru pa, so maybe its just power outages in the area, crosses fingers. Reports on news is could be several days before power is restored to some places in nj, ny. Hopefully pa was hit less and power can be restored sooner there.
  7. Demonio everytime your ip changes you will have to get another excemption.
  8. Teppe, I have downloaded sabre teams and will take a look at it. Will see about maybe running for mod weekend some time, from first look it has new skins and 30 weapons, but no new maps. will consider it. Have you looked at the mods on the server listed on page 1 of this topic?
  9. Themself, Very nice post. Thank you. 1.Yes mod weekend is not as busy as rest of week. 2. Yes mod weekend tends more towards coop than lms or team v team. 1. Mod weekend is new, as it catches on more then more people will download the mods and participate, hopefully. Been 5 weekends now, most people should realize by now that they can either dl the mod and play on the dedi server or they can play on the laggy servers as you describe them. It is hoped that more people give it a try and dl the mods. Mods do offer a change, yes some people resist change. Now personally I dont mind playing with fewer players if that player base is dedicated enough to dl a mod if necessary. 2. It is a mod/coop weekend. The point is to have a dedicated day for coop. There is a lot of players out there that will only play coop, they refuse to play team vs team. Six days a week server is open for what ever style, one day a week for coop only is not asking too much. If server pass is not locked for that day then coop will not get to be played. Draxy, I would very much appriciate it if you would tell us the name you play under on the server as I never see a draxy on the server. That is 4 times you have been asked, So now I am insisting that If you wish to continue to provide feedback on your experience on the server that you show you are on the server. Understand what I am saying? If your not on the server then its not feedback.
  10. Riley, Chi has asked several times in server for non random teams. If it is ok with ALL on server I see no problems. I personally would not like to be on the other team when non random teams are on and a team is working together. Your team I know does not generally use voice coms, but who knows about others and that is a great advantage. When I say all, I mean all. If even one on server does not approve then its a no go. If someone ask for random teams, majority or not in favor of non random it goes back to random. If that is abided by then an occasional team getting together for a few maps I could be alright with, but realize its a public server not a clan server, slightest abuse will repeal this approval.
  11. Think we still in need of atleast one more team, hoping for more, then a schedule can be set.
  12. Thinking I am gonna run Heroes unleashed again cause it was such a big download it deserves 2 weeks. Give opinions or options plz.
  13. Yup save you the skim, sunday's are coop days with a mod that rotates on the weekends. Should really read this topic first page and last 2 or 3. Dont mind helping but its all in there. On another note was thinking HU again this week since it was such a big download, but give some options guys.
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