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new mod in the making..


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wow natsanwa..

There aint no stoppin' you is there :thumbsup:

hehe! thanks man, i'm trying to stop - i just keep finding more cool thing's i wanna make. it's over the 100 mark now. :)

i'm gonna need to enlist some help on icons though, i just cant get my head around that part.

cheers. :thumbsup:

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Icon's are quite easy mate. You can even just about render finished kit icons in 3dsm if you know the right way to approach it. ;)

A few easy steps

1: Set the background colour to full white in the Environment/Background colour setting

2: Set the Global Lighting tin to full black

3: Render and save the resulting file as a .jpg

4: Open said .jpg in Photoshop and go Image/Adjustment/Invert

5: Voila...white model on black background.

6: Cut and paste into one of the original kit icons Alpha channel

7: Save to whatever filename.rsb that you want.

There's also another way you can do it to render it straight to a white model on black background but that involves some extra steps with lighting settings in 3dsm.

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hey thanks guy's! :thumbsup: it's good to get some help. i think you have put me in the right direction there. now i just need to see if i can make them work! i'll keep you posted.

as far as the models go.... i've really gotta learn to stop. i just keep finding more and more thing's that i want to add. it's been the amd 65 today. i've also found some other interesting ak variants.

i may take some of the old models out as it goes, they just arent as good. although - i could just leave them in anyway,and then people can decide what and what not to use.

one thing that i cant seem to change however is the position of some of the weapons whilst holstered. they are in a perfect position when standing or in prone, but tend to shift to an odd angle sometimes whilst kneeling. it's not the end of the world. i've also noticed this happens with alot of weapons in other mods too.

cant have it all eh?

thanks again for the help snow/element - much appreciated.

more new pics to follow.


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:drool: mmmmhhh russian guns!!! :drool:

umm, just my opinion but could you make your render view a bit more perspective-ish, otherwise those models look very 2D-ish



hehe, yeah - they are sucky renders. i was just feeling a bit lazy + messin round with a bunch of the rusian stuff. been fooling around with the svd in game too - it looks loads better.

perhaps i should post some in game pics?


i've decided - im gonna build one more weapon - rpk74 (if i can get good pics) then im done. i got a tour coming up, so i'm just hoping i can find time to finish it. pretty much just kit icons to do, but just gotta find the time.

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yet more screens of junk. rpk74. ipn58. and fn f2000 tactical. not sure if i'm gonna include the fn, i really cant decide if i should finish it - as i'm not sure if i like the look of the weapon or not. i'm open to some sort of vote though......







so what ya think? shall i finish the fn? o'r chuck it?

Edited by natsanwa
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I still can't take the FN seriously-it's just too futuristic.

Excellent work by the way!

yeah, thats my problem with it. it looks like when you pull the trigger, wing's fly out the side and you make the jump to light-speed!!

p.s something coming your way soon.....

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Nat, I was going through some old 3DSM files of mine from back in 2003 when I stumbled upon my old Tec-9 model. I had made it quite high detailed. If you want, you can have my Tec-9 for your mod (it still needs a bit of work though, especially on the pistol grip.) Hit me up on email, PM or right here if you want to put the Tec-9 to a very good use.

I really must try to get back into weapon modding.

Edited by WytchDokta
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i know hardly anyone will be into it - but im gonna stick it in anyway! something just for fun - all camoed up and stuff. :ph34r:

p.s wd - i have a tec 9 already. although, i could maybe use it, and just add a silencer o'r something?.....

Edited by natsanwa
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nice one!

so are there any guns left that you haven't done yet, nat? :lol:



WW2 era flamethrower? :lol:

hahahaha...... <_< - you gotta try these thing's eh? (i've already tried a flamethrower! :P )

well anyway..... here's the crossbow in game. it took a while to get the projectile working how i wanted (ages in fact)

as it is at the moment, you have a slight drop over distance (i mean, it's not a sniper rifle) but it's well satisying when you hit a target having had to judge the shot. :ph34r: get in!..... ilike it anyway.

so wd....you reckon you could come up with a bow sound? :)




c'mon...you gotta love it!

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so wd....you reckon you could come up with a bow sound? :)

There's no "could" about it. The crossbow fire (and perhaps reloading sound) will be the weapons sounds batch #2, which I'm due to mail out soon, right after I've tested some more of my sounds out and made a few adjustments.

BTW, here's what people who have heard my weapon sounds have been saying.

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