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  1. Argyll - I loved his GROM mod! (Did anyone see his old website before it closed down - there were some chrs I'd have killed for that he never released.) Sixpence - a one man modding army.
  2. Hi, Feel free to release/use the maps that I produced. Thanks for the kind words and good luck to all.
  3. I think this mod is cursed (or perhaps I am). Feel free to develop it or drop it as you see fit - though there are a lot of nice new British vehicles appearing at the moment and the modified maps to play around with! As for me, my modding days are over so a final farewell to you all and a huge thanks to all who've helped and inspired me and to all who made the GR modding community what it was. All the best Callmehobbes
  4. Tinker must have the patience of a Saint. If he can sort out the files that I dumped on him the whole community should stand back in awe! Cheers for the efforts you and the others are putting in to finish this off. CMH
  5. How easy would it be to adapt this into the 'snatch' versionof the Landy seen on the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan? (Another hint hint!)
  6. That's my attempt at an Artkis(?) quilted jacket as worn in GW1 by the SAS.
  7. Don't worry Rocky _ the files I sent you are mission and CTD free. Tinker has an extra file to play with full of glitches, errors and CTD's! I decided to release the mod without misions as it's been sitting on my hard drive for 6 months or so almost unchanged. Missions will be added at a later date!
  8. A few minor bugs - some of the specialists in some of the mods have an incorrect kit title or just the basic weapons. To give them the correct weapons simply go into the actor files and replace whatever is in the kitpath section with their own name. Hope this helps.
  9. A lot of us couldn't have done it without your help! Nice hearing from you CMH
  10. I've sent Rocky the files so expect the mod soon. If anyone is willing/wanting to script some missions there are some extra files that I can pass on to you (with maps etc.)
  11. This may work well in a UKSF mission (Hint Hint!)
  12. If you want some new faces - help yourself to the stuff in UKSF. Looking good.
  13. Great news - CC has sent me the UKSF weapons. Expect the first installments of the UKSF mod early next week. (The mod is broken into various sections - the basic mod with reg chrs, weapons, new enemies etc, plus a selection of specialist only mods including arctic warfare, night ops, CQB, stealth ops, plain clothes ops and maritime ops. You simply select the specialist mod you want and give it priority in the mod files and then swap and change according the mission). Sadly missions will not yet be included but they are in development (Thanks to Mig and Tinker). Cheers CMH
  14. Thanks! @Wytch - Are you emailing the chr to me or will you send it to Mig's filefront account? Cheers!
  15. Cheers This mod is not dead, just frustratingly slow in coming together. The only real news update i can provide is a new set of Arctic warfare specialists (ready for OpFB & Mig's P2!). Other than that it's a case of twiddling your thumbs and waiting.
  16. I've just had a walk around the new map and I simply couldn't believe how amazing it is. I'm not going to say too much more but Phlook has delivered on everything he said he would and I'm just in awe of what he has acheived. Now it's over to Mig for scripting! Thanks guys for all the work you've done!
  17. Sad news but I know how you feel. All I can suggest is put DANFOR on the backburner and when you actually feel motivated to do a little more, that's the time to start again. I'm lucky in that UKSF is now almost wholly in the hands of Mig, Phlook, CC and a few others. Rather tham new missions, we're simply pulling a few existing missions and converting them to a slightly more British flavour. CMH
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