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  1. In my case ,from the computer. Word.. the case speaker @ KRP thanks man ill take a look
  2. I dont use linux but this is pretty cool. Uses the X38 Chipset, embedded linux OS that lets you use a stripped down OS that boots in 5 seconds. Has 2 PCIe 16x slots, Core 2 quad and quad core 2 support, nuff said.. 360 bucks though damn. Read more: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=arti...m=869&num=1
  3. I did clean it not too long ago and maan it was bad.. I had only cleaned it a couple times. It still seems to hang all the time. Dust is bad tho ya. I built it march before last. AMD 3700+ 2GB Kingston, 6800 Ult, 2x 250g WesternDigital Also eyn a format is not always what you need. Obviously the guy at the pc store will tell you you have to reformat it cause it will cost you $50 labour, and its a quick solution, but you lose all your damn data if you dont have windows on a partition which i just happen not to .. In fact you should have to almost never format your pc if you keep it in
  4. Happens whenever, i thought it could have been a heat issue but it started hanging on just internet or itunes (dtill could be though)... The log files are what im talking about where can i find them on my PC? Ya i could jsut reinstall windows but id rather not.. Im hoping to straighten this out without a reformat
  5. Hey, i was just wonderin if there was a way you can tell why your pc just hangs... Mine has been acting up, just a system beep then freeze. Happens constantly.. Not cool when playin computer games
  6. Good to see you guys are still bangin out top quality maps man, damn...
  7. Check my weapon export tutorial. Its the same as exporting a rifle but you need an extra point for exporting an at its like ^BackBlastPoint or something... I forget exactly what its called and cant find anything on it...
  8. Glad to see you guys are still working on mods and keepin busy... Ive had a bit of free time lately so i figured id stop by and make a few posts. Thats something i like to hear.. Keep up the work.... Any new modders in the community now? Also kinda mad i lost my copy of GR in the move havent played in a while
  9. Just thought id pop back to see how everyone is doin ... Anyone still workin on any gr mods?
  10. Hey guys... Long time no see. I havent posted in a long time here. Just came back to say a final goodbye. Im sorry to announce my early retirement from the GR scene. GR is a great game and has a great community... Certainly the best game community i have ever been a part of, and before leaving i just wanted to say goodbye to a few friends that ive met through this game... Ive never seen a community so willing to help others in getting into modding. When i first started into modding GR, i stumbled upon this place. Yeah i missed the early years but i was here before GR2, GRAW, and back in the da
  11. Get a photobucket account and upload it there. Ive never had any problems with it. Just right click on the image and click copy image adress and youll get something like this pic.jpg?t=1172464513 just delete the red part
  12. Make like 12 different atrs and copy them multiple times. If your problem is having your characters show up occaisonally, you dont have enough atr files. Duplicate up to 76 for rifleman, 60 for suooport and demo and 40 for sniper
  13. Its not that important actually but check it out HERE I wonder how many views this will get MODERATOR EDIT: [3.14] Large Images Please do not include large images directly in a post as it blows out the forum formatting and causes delays for dial-up users. Any large image (greater than 500 pixels wide) should be posted as a URL instead of as an Image, or resized down to 500 pixels. You can use the attach file button to attach large images. Sorry i forgot : /
  14. Hardly... just add a single plane tag it as floor polygon and unrendered then use collison walls
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