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Operation: Darkstar By Blakarion

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Operation: Darkstar by Blakarion

Author: Blakarion

Type of mod: Total Conversion

Requires: Desert Siege, Island Thunder, 1.4 Patch

Filesize: 34.7MB

Download: Operation:Darkstar

Review for Op:Snake Strike & Op:After Shock:

Click here

Reviewed by Stalker


This review should have been delivered much earlier but unfortunately I was busy with real life and modding and this review was put on the back burner. So my apologies go out to blakarion.

Back in December 2004 Operation:Darkstar got released as the third part of a series of mods based on a continuing plotline. The mod was also featured in a previous mod report, so people were very anxious�


This total conversion includes a 14-mission campaign with coop-playability strung together with an exciting background story (see below), some retextured maps, loads of new weapon models like the XM8, several M4s and variations and MK46s, brand new vehicles like the Hind helicopter and tanks, new menu- and creditpics and cool menu music.

Background Story

Indonesia is a troubled country, especially after the last due elections in April 04, which had been delayed a further 6 months. Those eventual elections in October 04, had a hard-line semi-military Junta 'elected' by a thin margin. (Vote rigging was suspected but unproven) the international community took a step back from the Government, with only the US keeping any meaningful diplomatic contact up. The cynical said it was because around 40 % of the worlds trade goes through Indonesian controlled waters, and the US could not afford to have a "un-friendly" government controlling them. After the rioting against the new Government was brutally repressed the separate minor small guerrilla movements stepped up their 'actions' against the local government. The Indonesia Government (wearily) naturally turned to the US military for more assistance. This seemed to increase the Rebels attacks until a small but well equipped US Navy/Marine task force has been dispatched to 'Peace keep' where no one wants peace. Things did not die down however - instead the Rebel movements have again stepped up actions forming a new anti-western rebel group called the Star Alliance (5 smaller groups amalgamated together in their hatred of the current Government and the West), who now specifically target western groups/individuals as well as destabilising the Indonesian Government


New character skins have mainly been produced for NPC (Non Player Controlled) actors. The opposing force skins are created out of heavily modified russian camo combined with some sort of tiger stripe and other camo. This may sound exotic but it isn�t. On the rebel character models the new skins suit perfectly. As far as I know these were one of the first character skins ever made by blakarion. You will not believe it when you view them in Photoshop. They are really good. When I look at my first skins, they suck compared to his.

Weapons & Vehicles

Many well-known weapon modders contributed their work to this mod. From the next generation infantry weapon, the XM8 to the EMU. Now here�s a better explanation of the EMU or Electromagnetic Multitask Unit: Actually it�s only a new demo charge model, BUT the clever and complex scripting during missions make this equipment so special. It brings a wide variety of new possibilities. Now you may ask what possibilities I mean. Be patient. I�ll cover this in the mission paragraph below.

Also responsible for the high immersion factor are the new vehicles: Hind helicopter, BTR70 and a new M35 truck � only to name a few. They all are well modelled and have a quite good texture applied.


The 14 mission campaign is the heart of the mod. Clever, complex and original scripting. This is what you�ll find in these missions. Each one kicks off with a cinematic and vehicles are wisely used. Blakarion and GiWeDa (formerly Giwex) put a lot of time into this part of the mod, you�ll notice it when you actually play the mission.

Mission 1 � Welcome mat

This mission is original, a nice idea well put together. It�s completely different to the rest and aims to slowly introduce the player into the mod, it�s equipment and how to use it properly. At startup you�ll find yourself loaded into a humvee heading to the headquarters (the barn). The driver�s talking to you.


At the barn a general holds a briefing on the situation and afterwards he sends you to the equipment experts who show you the EMU. In a small training course you learn how to use it. With the EMU you can detect mines, deactivate sensors, use it as spy sensor and call in airstrikes. Yes, clever scripting makes all these things possible.


Later you can choose your prefered kit�


� but suddenly rebels appear in the area�


The rest

Included for the user�s enjoyment are new menu and creditpics and main menu music from Rage against the machine, Terminator and others. Actor and vehicle dots on the command map, the threat indicator and also the night vision view have been changed. All in all these things are also responsible for the whole interplay of content included in this total conversion.

Mod Issues

Some mod issues are mentioned in the ReadMe.txt which comes with the mod. One in particular is that sometimes the game crashes while quick loading. It may occur on slower systems more often than on high end systems because they sometimes can�t handle the high polygon count during missions. I have a rather slow PC but this only happened once to me.


What can I say, this mod is entertainment. The campaign is great and challenging and also the rest is very well done.

Overall score > 10/10, Good job blakarion!

Fan Feedback

�Once again, another great Mod Black Arien. I love all the campaigns you have done. Keep em comming I hope.� by 1madcow

�Fantastic Mod!! Only just started playing through it, but am already hooked. Great work -- am looking forward to the add on already.� by Tenqu

�OMG--I finally downloaded this mod and it is AWESOME. I have only played the first few missions and they are great! You are clearly one of the best modders in this community. Excellent job on all the vehicles. As for the sandbag problem, I have none, so far the missions all work beautifully for me. Great job.� by BrandonKappel

Reviewed by Stalker

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Is this an April's Fool ?? 10 / 10 !!! :devil:

Thanx for this review Stalker - Im glad that the time and effort of people like Giwex (as was) and Reiver, as well as myself, have made this Mod so well recieved - Thanx to all who have contributed (both in and out of the design process) and I look foward to working with these people again. ;)

As to those in the Community who seem to enjoy the Mods I make - thanx guys for the support ! As long as the Community keeps enjoying them, I will keep making them. :thumbsup:

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Its actually a nice work, but Come on! Its not a Total conversion!!!!!

Played a couple of maps so far, and NOTHING NEW, just the scripts and weapons....

I really would like to see new maps like some mappacks out there.

ANyway, congrats to the creator!!!

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Cool review! I know it is a good mod Blak. I havent tried it cause i dont got GR installed anymore  <_< 

(PS. is it still my EMU?  :P )

Oh that's a shame! :unsure:

What's causing the problems?

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Cool review! I know it is a good mod Blak. I havent tried it cause i dont got GR installed anymore  <_< 

(PS. is it still my EMU?  :P )

Oh that's a shame! :unsure:

What's causing the problems?

Problems with GR? LOL, i am reformation 1 - 2 times a month! Forgot to install GR again :rofl::blink:<_<

And i dont got much time to GR (dont laugh!) i am playing Counter-Strike Source!

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