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  1. Isn't it 1...3 I knew i couldn't count! Damn, bad news! (###### UBI!) Sorry...
  2. Oh that's a shame! What's causing the problems? ← Problems with GR? LOL, i am reformation 1 - 2 times a month! Forgot to install GR again And i dont got much time to GR (dont laugh!) i am playing Counter-Strike Source!
  3. Cool post, maybe better cam?
  4. Cool review! I know it is a good mod Blak. I havent tried it cause i dont got GR installed anymore (PS. is it still my EMU? )
  5. Nice as all the other times, Doc Croc!
  6. XmanL

    Baby Song...

    Opera Baby Song... We're out of Pampers Song... Dirty Baby Song... - Vossen
  7. I passed, the sound is from MTV... I have seen it to much!
  8. Danish names? Peter Hansen Henrik Ludvigsen Hans Christian Jensen ... contact me on MSN for more: leadermib@hotmail.com PS. I am danish XmanL
  9. DS's cat = Hacker under cover... Watchout Rocky, one day GR.net will be gone!
  10. XmanL

    Chihuahua YA!

    Does Chems like that dog? Voss
  11. Oh lord GRT! Tell me GR2 will be better for PC!
  12. Glock 18c P90 RT20 Javelin colt commando
  13. It's a txt file you can edit with notepad Then you can create a campaign.xml file. You can create simply editing by notepad or with the aid of an Igor tool. Post here if you need more help or contact me through PM or e-mail PS looking forward to play your campaign ← Hey giwex! If you delete the "Client" part in MULTIPLAYER "Server-Client" Is it then serversided??? - XmanL
  14. XmanL


  15. I want somewhere u can ban by hostname like "50A1994E.flatrate.dk" or something like that! It will never change like the IP!
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