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    my 2 kids,US military,MLB & NFL,computer gaming,the ladies,my lead singing in the band,and GHOSTRECON 1.

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    1990 Delta Force
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    ghostrecon.net/Phoenix Soldiers

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  1. looking for the old M6o mod,or a newer one.thanks
  2. can't wait to get back on line,and continue testing,this mod is going to be the best thing that ever happened to GR1!
  3. i'd love to see this mod come out as well.please breathe more life in to GR1 my No.1 and only TAC shooter game.
  4. i was wondering where you were man.hope its nothing major,and you're up and running soon. Gulf
  5. believe me guys,it will be well worth the wait,enough said here.
  6. kool site G,and i'm sure it will be well visited when finished.keep up the goodness,you're producing.
  7. zarqawi is no longer a threat!U.S.forces strike hard.yeah' baby! i'll be thinkin' one to that today!good job boyzes!
  8. man,those sr 25s look beautiful!best i've seen in awhile.i don't think theres a future for graw,except maybe on PS.big gr1 fan myself,i need someone like you for a skin mod,if you are interested pm me.keep up the good work,and long live gr1!
  9. very nice map man do keep up the good work.to all you modders please keep GR1 alive! very nice map man do keep up the good work.to all you modders please keep GR1 alive! (ubi should sell GR1 one back to RSE)
  10. not me,i've been playing gr1.
  11. when i tried to D/L this file i got a serious virus warning! whats up with that?
  12. where can i D/L the 1st.package?thanks.never mind,just had to open my eyes.found it.
  13. i'm so hyped up after reading this!bring it on,ready to get busy now.can't wait and drooling!
  14. sorry for the mistake guys.anyway keep up the good work!
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