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  1. .) Long Nights .) angry Wife .) squared Eyes from Working with Photoshop .) Begin to hate the Taste from Coffee...
  2. 1. Are most of you in the tech/programming business in "real life" or perhaps are you in a completely non-related field? No 2. If you approached modding as a hobby and did not have a tremendous programming background did you "cut your teeth" on GR/Igor or perhaps another game and editor? Is a Hobby, yes. IGOR was a littel bit tricky, nothing further. 3. Did you have a mentor as you learned to mod? not Really 4. If involved in a large mod, how many people were actively involved in producing it? 2-4 5. What do you feel is the ave. age of the current modders? 25 6. How does the amount of time you spend modding compare to the amount of time you game? (not counting test runs on your mods) puuaahhhh, I dont know this really.. 7. If you were to start over learning to mod (without previous experience) - How would you approach it and what mistakes would you avoid. Start with Desktop Research. Inform you about Area, Story, involved Troops...finish your Missions in your Head, donts start Scripting without a Plan what should be the Summary. 8. Finally, perhaps I left off another question that should have been asked - please feel free to add it... http://picasaweb.google.de/six6pence
  3. LOL Dont praise on me, i am a human only...but thx for the nice Words. I had always an eye the past months here. Eager to see new Mods an especially Statemenst from GRIN or Ubi about a new , better Ghost Recon. And I mean the Original, not the Future-Warrior-Laser-Combat-aeounflux- Version. Last Months i played Airsoft in a SEALTEAM and I have to say, it was a very, valuable Experience. Now I am ready to do something for Ghost Recon...
  4. WORD ! Give me my [GR] in a modern Look, we dont want anymore. BTW: More Mod Possibilities would be nice - let me create own Characters easily - create own Stuff like Backpacks, Flasbags, Belts, helmets, Berets,... easily - let me make Maps (and i mean BIGGER Maps) easily with Huts, thick Jungle, small Rivers and so on...flying Birds an Elephants (not flying) would be fine too - better AI - a Order Menu like SWAT ( Map ordering too !!) - let me write nice Stories and Mission Scriptings too...
  5. Important: You need an Death-Animation too ! If any Player shoot at the Horse etc, ist should be falling down !
  6. Hiho ! is a DL (PC Version) available ?? BTW: Congrats !
  7. Dear Killabee ! Many Thx for your kindly Words and I have to say its good to see a a lot of people play and love Ghost Recon. It was always a great Pleasure for me ( and I think i can say: for the other great Modders too) to put a lot of Time, a litte bit of money some Discussion with Wife & Daughter for this great Community of GR Lovers. I am happy all Things I have done , for You, for all of you. Love & Peace Sixpence PS: I have always an Eye of you...
  8. BTW: You find the correct Credits in all my Mods (have a Look on: Backpacks, Radios, Attachments like Patrol Cap and so on...) Would be nice if the "older Modders" noted
  9. If i remember correctly, the Skin Tone from the Balck Comrades is anywhere on the Neck...
  10. Nice one...only one crash, but still fine. Plz put more cinematics AND Music inside
  11. Really fine Work ! Nice to see some People work on GR further.
  12. This chr looking good ! may I say what does I need for Modding ? Personally I dont like the "Future Soldiers" , I am sure i can create interesting Missions/Stories with another Chr... Need... US SEALS, wearing Boonies, Bandanas and Barehed Chr with ISAAK rifleman vest, UK Chr with Boonies and Berets too, wearing PLCE (or similiar) US marines with Boonies and Smokey Bear Hat, Barehead, wearing MOLLE Vests.... AND, most important, Rucksacks and Backpacks. The "old" Weapons would be nice too. (M4, M16/M203 and so on....with ACOGs) IMO it would be great if GRIN create and open it for DL.... If we have it all, GRAW will have a long life ! PS: Is it possible to create Attachments to the Chrs - like in TCGR ?
  13. Sorry for the long Delay but there are 2 Reasons: 1. I have nobody to create completely new Chr and without that it makes no sense 2. and the second, still playing Airsoft and the Challenge would be end next Year.
  14. Many Thx for your kind Words and I understand your Point. In this Case I drop the EOC Mod completly, it makes no sense with other Maps.
  15. I know what you mean, but it makes no sense for me. If i preactivate the YOTM Mod, i have to play with the YOTM Soldiers. But EOC will not contain any Soldiers, its a Mission Mod only. (BTW, EOC plays in Future ) It would be better (and simpler ) to include the Maps. I havent this Prob with the WOI PT Mod, there was Maps inside only. So i ask you if its allowed ti INCLUDE the Maps for EOC ?
  16. Erm, is there a Permission or not ? Any Comment ?
  17. Still working on the final Version. - polished Missions - Pics corrected - briefings in english
  18. In Truth ? Go closer, but carefully.....
  19. OK , i played now the whole Mod and have to say: Congrats to the Team ! IMO the best inofficial Expansion Pack for Ghost Recon 1 ! OK, and here ist the Question: Is it allowed to use the Maps for my ESSENCE OF COMBAT Mod ? Need Jungle Maps, and the YOTM Maps are great for this Mod. Release Date is in Summer 2006 !
  20. Ah, this Mod was every Month worth to wait. Played Mis 10 and sooo fine . Lov the PBRs. The F4 Phantom and the hanging Huey in the Tree. So lovely Details. Great.
  21. Yes plz a CD Cover would be fine !
  22. Is a SP version in Schedule ? I hope so, the Map looking really fine for my EOC Mod !! ( if its allowed to script a Mission for it.)
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