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  1. I'm trying to do it for SP. I have seen it done, atleast i'm pretty damn sure I have.
  2. So I searched the forums and found out that changing class names is tricky. But they said you can switch class names with others and u can change them as long as they have the same or less letters than before. But how do you do this? I think it has to do with 'strings.res' but what exactly do u change? I keep getting a CTD right before GR actually loads. I want to change all riflemen to snipers and everyone else to spotter (SPOT is fine, or just change sniper to rifleman)
  3. Well thank you Mr Wombat. I hope it is liked.
  4. It is basically just a modified HK416. I figured it wouldn't be in game, just a thought. I'm really interested to see how it will be employed. I highly doubt it will ever replace the SAW but integrating 2 per team with the SAW would be a great idea. Too bad the Marine Corps has declined to buy beta mags to employ with it. So its basically becomming a full auto M16 with better accuracy. But I see it being used as a DM rifle rather than a LMG. One problem with the SAW was when you moved to MOUT, room clearing is pretty sketchy with an open bolt weapon that jams as much as the SAW. So I'm interested to see how the trials go with the M27, a few dudes are taking them to Afghanistan in a short time, so I guess we'll see. What mods come with the HK416? I'm sure there's plenty.
  5. M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle... probably never made. But does anyone know if there is one. i was amazed by the weapon in RL and would LOVE one in-game.
  6. Well the forums here are pretty dead compared to 6 years ago when I used to be on everynight. But I do see alot of people still playing the game. I took a long break from GR but for some reason I keep coming back to it. So I decided to try and release a new mod. Its going to be a campaign, but perhaps have a few new skins (players will be US Marines, because obviously they kick ass...and I might re-skin some enemy from IT). This will be my first "released" mod, i lost all of my previous missions i've made. But what I'm wondering is who will be interested in a new campaign? I never play online, but I'm making all missions co-op friendly. Here's the BASIC storyline...still a work in progress. It starts out with American hostages being held in Brazil by an unknown terrorist organization. As the campaign progresses through 7 missions the enemy gets stronger, better equipped, and eventually we find out that its a major terrorist group posing a real threat to world peace. The missions will include a hostage rescue, snatch and grab, beach assault, helo assaults, recon, demolitions, and the general "kill everyone". All maps used will be from IT (Jungle Prison, Plantation, Military Camp, Swamp Airfield, Beach Resort, Hunting Lodge, and Mountain Stronghold. 7 missions shouldn't take long but then again, I'm a slow "modder" and take my time. So far I have the first 2 missions done and have barely started the 3rd. If time permits I might add a few desert missions, or maybe that will be in a second campaign. The mod will include work from: Chems Littlebirds Dekela's AK47 Phlook's Placeable Objects Blakarion's OpFor Vehicle Pack And Hammer's Vehicle Pack 01 So if anyone knows how to contact them for permission it would be appreciated. And a big thanks to Tinker for helping me out with the scripting. I'm also wondering if I could recruit 2 guys or so to help with beta-testing for both SP and Co-Op. Does this sound like something people would be interested in? And any comments and suggestions are welcomed. Any maps stock or new that people would like to see used? And any new weapons, vehicles, etc that would fit into this well. Hopefully I can find the time to release this quickly, but we'll see. Thanks for your time. [EDIT:]Here's my sorry excuse for skins: Rifleman Support Demolitions Sniper
  7. Has anyone else tried using one timer to trigger 2 separate events? I'm kinda curious now. I got it working as planned but I really don't know (or understand) why. Also one more question. The first block in the most recent script has the message box telling the player(s) to get back to the extraction point. Since its set up with a "time elapsed/contiue if" trigger the message box stays up until the player(s) get back to the extraction zone. Its not a big deal but my OCD kicks in. What would be a better way to script it so the message goes away but the mission still plays out like it does. I also noticed that the mission used to crash when I added the helo. But once I added a "cancel plan" response before assigning a new path it worked fine. Is this normal?
  8. Well this thread can be deleted, problem solved, works good.
  9. Finally got it to end when I wanted it to. Here's the new script. I don't really know what was causing the problem, so if anyone could explain it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Also tried this, but still a no go. Could it be because I have "End Mission has expired" as a trigger for 2 separate blocks? How else could I set it up, my goal is to have an ending cinematic of the extract. Which has to be removed for Co-Op correct?
  11. So above is a copy of the ending part of my script (haven't cleaned it up yet so it looks terrible.) I can't get it to work. The mission plays out perfect up until this part. I thought it might have something to do with the cinematic I had at the end but deleted that and it still crashes. It crashes around the time of the part that's green, once all of the player platoon is in the extraction zone. Any ideas why its doing this?
  12. Thanks for the quick reply Tinker. Once again you saved me. Before I used plans linked directly to the teams to load the vehicle. And the unload command was in the vehicle's plan. But now I use the script to both load and unload the vehicle. The driver still goes to the prone and does nothing, but I wasn't concerned with him anyways. It works exactly how I wanted it. But one thing I noticed...before the guys would sit in the truck normally, but with the new scripting they stand on thier seats instead, not a big deal but it looks kinda wierd with the passenger standing with his head through the truck's roof. Thanks again.
  13. Really quick question, probably simple. I'm Blakarion's (sp?) Zil truck. I have 3 teams in the back. Once the truck reaches its path's end they unload and start a path towards a position. But right now once they unload they all go into the prone and crawl that path regardless of whether I lock the stance to upright or not. I have it set so that when the truck is within 1m of a zone (its end point) thier path starts. I tried adding Wait 1-10 seconds before thier path but still no go. Any suggestions?
  14. I know on my computer using vista I can't use a shortcut to open igor...I have to go directly to the GR folder and open it. Have you tried that. Restarting the computer helps with problems with GR itself so try that.
  15. Wow! You never cease to amaze me Tinker. A few minor changes and it runs perfect, almost exactly how I wanted it. Maybe some day I'll be on your level of scripting. I'm gunna add a few more things to mix it up a little, I'll let you know how it comes out. Too bad though, if I ever do release this in a campaign I can't accept credit for this...its all Tinker.
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