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  1. Huzzah ! I'll wait for the Demo to get really worked up thou - once thats out "they" cant stop it - can they ?
  2. Speaking for Reiver again, the operation turned out to help so hes now able to change his default Font size from 200+ down to normal, and is back to enjoying his PC time rather than being fustrated As for the Mod, well I believe some work had been done on it over Xmas, however the demands of his job (and the call of WoW) have reduced his Modding time to very little but maybe he can still produce the goods (this year)
  3. Thanx to Cobaka, this City Map will feature in Operation : Red Storm in several missions (its big enough to do different missions without using the same area !)
  4. @commando crazy & sniper82 : sorry guys, your right I didnt put the V-22 in the US Vehicle Pack, however a "basic" version is in my Operation:Dark Star Mod. If u wanna use it in your own Mods, then please PM me for a "up-graded" version
  5. The Beta Testing hasnt gone ahead yet - problems with my new self-made maps need ironing out first, so u havent been ruled out from the test
  6. Many thanx to Deleyt for advice given, solved the lighting problems However I think I may have to go back on my maps and rejig the gemoetry so the AI can allow the players teams to move *sigh* more ours to fix a problem I could have avoided easily - map making ISNT as easy as it first appeared My hat goes off to people like Worm, Cobaka and off course Deleyt (as well as all the other map makers) - keep plugging away guys
  7. Good map (so far) A few questions - how big and how compact are the streets etc etc. eg is it only a few streets, or is it a rabbit warren ? I hope we can impress on u to complete this map and release it
  8. Yes and No The Player can not drive a vehicle normaly (I remember something in a mod that was a way around it but it never really took off in the Community - damn my picled brain, I cant quite remeber the Mods name - less drink for me - naaa ) Im sure someone else will come up with the name However, u can be in a vehicle that the AI drives (see the trucks/APC's in the BlakOps Packs) and if set up correctly can fire from them also (again, if memory works (through the wine/beer etc) that would be the "shotgun" versions of my vehicles - so a Zil truck in OpFor Pack and the Truck, Hummer and UH-60L from my US Pack. They may be others - check the read me file in each for info. So u could start in a truck and storm a base/town, firing from the back and then dismount to take the fight futher
  9. Ouch sorry Zoinks183 - means youre gonna have to find something else to fill in the hundreds of hours sat playing with IGOR - like actually having a life outside Modding GR. Wish I did
  10. Hi Jay - weapons looking good ! Quick question, is that a AAA gun in the background of the 2nd pic ?? BTW just got back, so will be sending u those files when I get the chance - I have Broadband sorted now so all those pesky problems (toooo slow d/loading, cant play on-line without Lagging etc) have gone away
  11. Hummm, Im sure there is away. Try using the Search facility here (on banner) to find threads to do with it - Im sure this question will have been asked before
  12. Guys, good tribute - just got back from somewhere warm myself in time for Xmas so, I know that people the people that are still out there will apprecieate this thought. Merry Xmas
  13. to continue on snowpilots first post - if u want a Osprey V-22 in nice grey base, check out my BlakOps US Vehicles Pack.
  14. As Jay said (thanx man for helping him) the Mod is the Models and Vehicle stats for use by the Modding Community, to be included into anyones mods that s looking for a expanded selection of Vehicles. There are two ways u can user the Mod - 1st) Make it a stipulation of using your own Mod that Blakops Opfor/US Vehicles (whichever your using) Vehcile Pack Mod is added into the Options/Mods selector so the missions wont crash OR 2nd) Copy across from the Vehicle Pack, the Models and other files required with them (see the Vehicle Pack Readme file for which ones are needed for each vehicle). Ive already given permission for people to do this, just remember to mention where the Vehicles came from in your own Mods Read Me file. In either case the Scripter would have to select the Vehciels during him/her building a mission in Igor. If u just wanna have a look at them in-game, then there is a Mission bundled with the Vehicle Pack that is basically a big car-sales lot, where u can runa round and see them in-game.
  15. I may be far away from home at the moment, but at least I have some free time to Mod make/Model build. Latest Vehicle for inclusion in Op Red Storm done, its a new Helicopter - check out the Vehicle Forum for pics
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