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  1. Great job Cangaroo!!!! Can't wait to play it! PD: just in case, edit your posts and delete links to old versions!
  2. ITS FANTASTIC!!! ITS JUST AS CASTLE WAS! btw, I DIDN'T FIND SERVERS with a mention to this map, entered one and HOLALALA it was castle! I was so happy!
  4. great post Cell! Spot on! Still I like GRAW2 with all it missing features....
  5. whenever i want to quickly play MP, GRAW2 is the first choice...
  6. maybe its partly ping, but what me amazes me most and anoyes the most is what i call the Ãœber-mouse: they run, see you, stand, click and kill you with one bullet from more then 50 meter... all in 0,5 seconds... it is almost like auto-aim... I know it is skills but not realistic... I play over 12 years and still can't move the mouse as quick as my thoughts... hehehe
  7. thanks Rocky and others! INDEED somehow i was playing the single mission not campaign! damn it! I can see the save files start with 'single...'
  8. Its a fkg shame but i haven't seen much change in enemy IA since the days of Delta Force 1.... There's no realism in starting to shoot and 95% of the enemies just staying where they are.... In real life, 50-75% would abandon their posts and search you, etc.... In GRAW2, like elsewhere, just 2-3 guys take positions to attack you.... Then you have the lonely enemies that are found in the weirdest places! This is ridiculous and lasting way to long!
  9. thaks all, and Bo. I have no probs with the patch. Jsut got 1 crash after 2 hourse playing MP.
  10. ufff. being a slow game, I wonder what head you mean :D:D
  11. last week many new drivers came out: Aegaia, nvidia, .... It solved my crashes!!!!! Completly!!!
  12. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! with the latest nvidia geforce drivers for vista 64, came out last wednesday!!!
  13. Hurra! I updated to the latest Geforce drivers for Vista 64 bits (of 11 July) and I could play for hours with no crashes!!!! :) BTW, my computer is the same as last year (only more RAM) and GRAW2 runs much better than GRAW1! So the engine is good, the game is good, and the problem was the video driver.
  14. yesterday new nvida drivers for Vista came ou (32&64)...gotta try em rigfht now!
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