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  1. Yup. I wanna play some co-op or something, and can not find a server. I played on a domination server a little earlier, it was pretty cool
  2. High end computers? lmao a 7600 runs it fine. Personally I think its great. Its not the same as GR, but that doesnt mean it sucks.
  3. Thank god theirs no respawns. Respawns (among other things) is what killed Lockdown. It turns a tactical game into a nub fest.
  4. OMG!!! MINE SHIPPED!!! Will Be here tomorrow the 2nd!!! I'm so excited :D
  5. I also preordered from UBI with next day shipping.. and it STILL has not shipped. I am not happy What a waste of money. I was hoping to get it early, but instead I could of saved all that money on shipping and just got it from EB. Lame.
  6. Umm.. people have the full game already.. why don't you ask them?
  7. Yea, I really see no problem with females in this game. Nobody knows the future, maybe there will be females in 2013? You know just as good as I do. Years ago people thought that women would never do the stuff they are doing now.
  8. Its funny how you mention gamers with half a brain, when you don't even realize that Valve does not use FP16 for HDR. They are not using true floating point precision HDR. They are using a fake SM2 "bloom" effect. FP16 HDR + AA cannot be done without major workaround. PERIOD. It doesn't work on Oblivion, it doesn't work on Lockdown, it doesn't work on Splinter Cell, it doesn't work on FarCry, it doesn't work on Timeshift, it doesn't work on Serious Sam 2, and it doesn't work with BoS. It can be done with x1900xtx cards, but requires a major workaround, and is simply not worth it for 1% of the population. Frankly, I would rather have them put that dev time towards something else. I would like to see the option to disable HDR though, but they may have done it for MP balancing issues.
  9. No you don't, I hit cancel on the Ageia installation and the game works perfectly.
  10. Just cuz you're not having issues doesn't mean that others aren't. I'm seeing at least one in each squad having problems. One of ours has almost identical rigs to another one and the game won't install. There's an .exe error. Alot of CTD's for others too, plenty complaining about it on the UBI forums. You're entitled to your opinion of course, but for you to think cuz your rig runs it ok that no one else has issues means either you are clueless, or you don't care and are selfish. Either way, I don't care which it is. I feel bad for those that can't play it. Fair enough, but this happens with all PC games. Some people just have problems, its probably not even related to the game at all most of the time. People knock the game before they do basic troubleshooting. To be honost, I have seen less problems with GRAW than I have with other recent releases.. (TR: Legends, and a few others) For the most users it seems pretty stable, and problem free.
  11. I don't think that disables HDR, but it disables the post processing effects.. so yes, it will look less "bloomy" but you probably still won't be able to enable AA.
  12. OMG, that is the most <edited> thing I have ever read on the internet. Let me address your "issues" And as for Lockdown... are you kidding me??!! In no way does this even compare to Lockdown. I played Lockdown for 5 minutes, I have played this game for close to 5 hours, if it was anywhere near Lockdown I would have hated it already... I love it so far. * no coop / internet Its a demo. Its free. I would like co-op too though I guess * no antialiasing It uses FP16. So sorry your hardware doesnt support it. Any game that uses FP16 HDR will not have AA on any hardware except x1900xtx * really bad fps Working great here. In fact, it runs better than I thought it would, one of the few optimized titles as of late * changing weapon is pathetic Its different, but thats it, not bad or good, just different * jaggy graphics due to AA bug YOU SAID THIS ALREADY! And its not a "bug" its a limitation of the hardware. * graphics looks flat and grey Slightly agree, but not too distracting * prone bug / really annoying Dont see any problems with it * sound issues No sound issues at all! Sound is very good at extreme. * texture setting high only with 512MB I'm so sorry your card doesnt have enough texture memory, they are saving you the stuttering that you would be forced to endure. * you have to tweak .xml for some users to get it to work Where? Working fine here * several have bluescreen Where? Working fine here, and just about everywhere else. I have seen few problems so far.
  13. I really love this game. Minor niggles here and there but overall it is great.
  14. Are you using the 84.43 drivers from www.nzone.com? Make sure you have these.
  15. This is definetely not arcade like. You can't please them all. I love this game. Best tactical game since RVS. Of course, GRAW ain't perfect, but its a great game. And running without AIM is a negative??!! LMAO! Is that realistic? And you complain about being arcade like? Gimme a break.
  16. Sorry, I think this game is fanstastic Well, at least for the 15 minutes that I played it on lunch..heh
  17. Anyone using one with the demo? Does the demo support the Ageia effects? Also, if one were to have the Ageia card, how do you enabled the higher physics effects? The physics effects even without the Ageia card is impressive, can't wait to see what the card can do
  18. Since I'm a suscriber, I'll probably grab it from Fileplanet ASAP... Hopefully its released during non-working hours
  19. Trust me... 1600x1200 at 4x/8x gets quite laggy in the latest games.
  20. Well, luckily, the X-Fi has just enough PCI slots for a PPU and X-Fi.. its going to be an EXTREMELY tight squeeze though. I am not too happy about that IMO, but, as far as I am concerned, I have no choice. Also, the stock 4400+ is at 2.2GHz. I believe your 3800+ is at 2.0GHz. You should be able to do about 2.6GHz or so easily.
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