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  1. I really would just like to put this stuff in the past and as talon pointed out pretty much the issues with people playing the mod are things that modding wont fix, we tested this mod for ages any bugs due to the mod its self i have been aware of for ages but are things that will have to stay with the mod as we can no longer change them. As for alot of the ctd again talon is probbably right its more going to have to do with the game engine and the computer system than mod problems like bad or missing files etc. people are free to post their problems but for the most part are things that wont b
  2. Support after sales? correct me if i am wrong but what sales do you speak of? Last time i checked none of us recieved any payment for this project. I'm sorry that 12 maps dozens of chrs and hundreds of weapons are not enough effort from our team. Giweda i havent seen your hand up in the air to help out the community with these issues, if it is so important that these issues be fixed and for me to put what little free time i have right now into this why havent you volunteered your assistance. maby then i will drop what i am doing and put aside my other priorities to serve the community if devel
  3. Centcom was 3 years in developement for many reasons, first because of the ammount of content and second because of the limited time we can take out of our own work weeks to spend time on it. As far as the issues with the mod go, many including myself have no trouble running the mod. The mod was free of cost and in the licence agreement even states "CENTCOM IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND IS USED BY YOU AT YOUR SOLE RISK. MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS OR REPRESENTATIONS WHATSOEVER, AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS THE SAME INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTIES, REP
  4. UBI definately messed up bigtime, not just with R6 but all the former clancy titles, definately have lost my buisness with the whole graw debacle.
  5. the fact that the artwork your last pic has a gr look to it is definately good to see. concidering the portfolio of those involved though its not suprising it looks so good. i'd imagine the more we are allowed to see the better it will get as well so definately keeping a close eye on this.
  6. for now i agree with cobaka, i dont see a problem with it and think the idea has good potential. good luck ronin
  7. Be safe Rabbi we all appreciate what you are doing being over there, look forward to your return.
  8. i hear you snow maby i need to take a break from my gr project too, ###### like this doesnt fly well with me either and i know for a fact it is not well recieved by other centcom modders that take time out of their daily lives to bring people new content for free. i know for damn sure i gave alot to make this mod available and i sure as hell dont deserve some of the flack this ###### is giving me.
  9. no the threat indicator does work in centcom maby in frostbite it doesn't but in centcom if turned on it does show the enemy direction still
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