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  1. Gee, I said those exact same things a week ago and almost got run out of here. Battlefield 2 is going co-op. My clan and I are going that route. I am done asking for things we will never get. It would take a complete rewrite of the game. We will still play GR1 on our server and forget this mess!!!!! At the Battlefield 2 web site, DICE keeps the community up to date on the game, thats alot more than I can say about UBI. You dont get a message from some guy with GRIN on vacation telling you how to fix basic problems that should have been fixed before the software went out the door. You guys have a right to complain, GRIN or UBI didnt give you nothing, YOU PAID FOR IT................................My clan will be at the BF2 forums where the game makers listen! We wanted co-op in BF2, we got it, and alot more........ Sheldon I am with you all the way on this one. check out BF2 co-op for your server. We are going with it! Its no GR1, but its better than the crap GRIN tried to pass off as Ghost Recon...........Let me know when GR4 comes out. SEE YA!!!! HACK
  2. Man, dont get so emotional, its just a game that you are going to pay $50.00 for. They didnt give you anything. Its a product, not the holly grail. While your playing a half done game, they will be driving around in their Porsche thanking you for your $50. Thank Bill Ford for your Ranger while your at it.
  3. Man, What is this? I have been told everybody loves this game. It just needs a little tweek. Thats what they say.
  4. Its discussions like this that make things happen. I am glad that alot of the community likes or loves the game. But, if the responce is all positive, nothing gets done. Thanks to all who responded to my thread. "If you run, youll only die tired" HACK
  5. Guys, if you will read my first thread, I never said I didnt like the game. I said for "ME" and my clan it didnt have the Recon feel, with the demo. If GRIN does nothing the game will be $19.95 in 3 months. For me its just another FPS. This is not a gift from heaven its just a game, and everybody has their point of view. For what it is, it beats Lockdown. HACK Ok, I will tell you why its just another FPS. 1. How did the snipers get on the buildings? Tell me how to get the high ground. In the full version maybe you can climb up on top of a building. I looked for 2 days, no way up. 2. tried to use a 50cal. forget it. 3. Tried to drive an armoured car. forget it. Now I know its just a demo, If someone will come forward with details of the full version, that you can do all of these things GRIN said you could, then I will shut up. 4. The pros: Good fire fights, enemy AI is great. Sniper rifle, not in a fire fight unless on the high ground. love the recoil of the weapons. Ok let me have it.
  6. The reason I posted the thread was to hear both sides and to get people to talk about it, and they did. I never said I didnt like the game. I said, for me and my clan, it doesnt have the recon feel. For me its another FPS........HACK enough said
  7. Hello!!!!! ← Demo and Retail game feel exactly the same. There is no difference except for the fact you have the full game to play except for one part of a mission. Not much more to say. Weapons, well, there's the real problem I have. GR1 exceeds here in every way except for customisation. Colin had suggested that there are more weapons in the full version...still waiting for them.... . All I've seen so far is what you get in the demo: Primary: SCAR L SCAR H Mk46 MRC M99 M8 Secondary: M9 Glock M8 Compact MP5SD6 Others: ZEUS MPAR Graphics, well the graphics are no different either. This will depend on your rig though. Mine is pretty much as high end as you can get minus going into Crossfire/SLI. I can run everything at full at 1600x1200 with no worries. Looks fantastic. I don't give two hoots about no AA. It looks fine. This is a draw back from the deferred shading or something (IIRC) they are using. Don't care, looks good. Maps for MP off the top of my head numbers 5. Not alot. Should have been more. Don't know how many SP missions there are. But they tend to be quite lengthy on the harder settings, and the enemy AI is really very good. Ghosts AI is good too, though they tend to be a pain in the rear sometimes. I don't like how they are spaced out so far. Small teams would rather stay rather close then spread out over 50 - 100, which I have seen some times. It is difficult to bring down heavy fire on an enemy position when your team is blundering about 50 metres down the road. You should be able to set team spacing and break your team into 2 fireteams. GR1 wins here again. Squad controls and movement were MUCH better in the first. MP gametypes are COOP and Domination(I think that's what it is ??) haven't really looked at MP yet. Not enough servers or people playing yet. Thats it really. Good game, but lacks a few things which made GR1 really shine. Squad control needs much more focus, it's clumsy and sometimes really annoying. There needs to be a buttload more weapon loadouts. I want M4A1, M16A4/M16A4 SAM-R, M14 DMR, SR25, M240 or M60E4....so on. ACOG's !!!!! Where the heck are the optics ?? Engagements are sometime's over the useful range of the Aimpoint and EOTech, ACOG's ARE A MUST !! I also want to be able to mount optics and sights on the Mk46.. why only iron sights ?? Deploying the bipods are also something I want. Weapon selection need ALOT MORE FOCUS AND VARIETY. Overall I like it, but it does need work. EDIT: Would have liked some customisation of the kit the Ghosts wear. Different helmets, load bearing equipment, different uniform (ACU, Marpat....so on), at the very least in the MP game). ← Here Here, good job........................Hack
  8. I never said that. Have fun restarting the game time after time. In combat, the team leader gets zapped the army doesnt pull out............
  9. i think there where alltogther 4 patches ( including DS and IT ) What i think which will make this game have a short life is the missing of a modding function so far. We live today in the MMORG time , so ppl are used to see new content fast. Every game which can not feed this hunger for new things will soon be shelfed. You play through it then maybe change the setting from medium to hard play through it and then ? Do it a 3rd time ? GR was a very good game when it came out .. today it is avarage but still played due to mods and the ability to create a new world for the user when ever the user got bored. ← yes if it is indeed true that there are no mod tools planned.. GRAW won't be nearly as successfull as GR was. however, bo has said time and time again that we would have mod tools. after GRIN gets back from their deserved vacation, hopefully he can either confirm or deny this. we'll just have to wait. ← Vacation..........They havent done anything yet..........just kidding.............HACK
  10. Quit bloody bitchin' mate, I have a damn compaq presario, a budget machine and just upgraded the vid card and now i can REALLY enjoy this game. GRAW makes GR look like donkey Kong in BDU's. This game feels alot better than GR and things i hated like glitchers and cheat peekers are gone. But then again that's the beauty of free will, don't buy it if your clan hates it. My anger comes from the fact that I don't have the top line PC, but I really studied my stuff and bought a CPU with a good 1MB L2 cache for better performance, 2GB ram for better performance and an SATA drive for better performance. finally I added in today a HIS ATI Radeon X1800GTO, 256bit 256MB ram. You can do it. If I can kick this compaq into overdrive as I have and i didn't have to overclock the videocard either and most of my settings are high except for the texture quality since I'm running only a 256MB card. don't down the game. the game is fine. I was ###### when my old geforce6200 couldn't allow for me to enjoy it. but cheers mate sorry to hear you feel that way. would've been great to have had the chance to enjoy it with you. ← Wasnt bitchin mate. Just a point of view. I am glad you like it......cheers
  11. Thank you, I knew I would get flamed. for my guys its just another FPS. We will probably add it to our server after all of the patches and dust clears. We were hoping for recon 2 in Korea but it went away. A perfect war zone for Rangers. Thanks again HACK
  12. Guys hold the phone. I never said it was a bad game. Maybe after playing it on line it will be better. My clan only plays FPS games in co-op on a dedicated server. We are going to give it a chance just like we do all of them. HACK
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