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  1. What's wrong with the July Patch in August... No dedi files=same ol' poop. Oh, and we have three new maps! WOW. what is that 8 in total after 3 months post release... Grin makes me Frown.
  2. It's ture. As a semi-troll and whiner, I am pulling for you GRiN. I have nick named you FROWN in hopes of encouraging you to redeem yourself with TDM, HH, LMS, Seige and dedi file...Come on, you can do it. At the very least, keep BO from being squashed from the fat lady who is trying to sing "Grawlalala..."
  3. Trust, but verify. Side note, that art work, called screen shots, has the Mryc ejecting shells froma case-less rifle. Nice.
  4. Great. Glad you are with GRiN. Most of the thousands of true MP community members are not as of yet with GRiN. We are waiting on the infamous Patch... Glad you like playing against a scripted foe...
  5. Well, be a real man some time and play TRUE MP i.e. play against a human who won't respond the same way each time... The neg attitude is warranted by the true mp community as frown has dropped the ball...
  6. Go their home page, and you will notice that they have not updated it to reflect the release of GRAW. Why not? Are they embarrassed or ashamed? Or is it both? They state, "We at GRIN are excited and truly happy to be trusted with the development of this game and to bring the legacy forward on the PC. The name of the brand is a no brainer - but we leave it at that for the moment, going covert and stealthy just as it should be. We want the fans to know that we are fans ourselves and are working hard to bring the classic feeling into the new product. GRIN out. " Looking at the current state of MP, it's very hard to swallow that anyone there was a fan or member of the [GR] MP community. This conclusion via inference is supported by the lack of the "classic feel" in the new game (by MP standards). I like their ending however, because it does seem that for future gaming contracts from UBI, GRiN will and should be OUT!
  7. Dude, did you miss how badly they messed up the last two patches? If history is an indicator, I have no faith in their ability. Maybe SP has been successful for Ubi/Frown. But from the MP side, they took a great game and blue print and destroyed an online-community. Anyone who even remotely thought that Domination Mode was going to "rock" is so far removed from the MP reality; I have no faith in Frown. Believe the hate, it is warranted.
  8. Currently there are about 2-15 people using MP online. When the new patch comes out this number should double to around 4-30 people online. JK, The number is really around 100-200. RVS still has about 7 times the amount of people online. Frown has told us, or rather hinted at the fact that since their last two patches have stunk (due to poor programming and poorer testing), they will be taking their time and get the next one right. Sure they will. But Operation Flashpoint’s new game should take away any chance GRAW has of filling the boots of its successor. So, Bo’s “Domination Mode†remains an exciting and competitive way to destroy an online community. Stay tuned for more patching let downs! Here is some cool news. There is a silent alliance in the MP community a brew. A company embracing all that Ubi has shed, and all that Frown missed…
  9. I'd like to hear what BO and GRin (aka FROWN) have to say now about their "exciting MP experience." This is one of the reasons that the MP is so exciting you can always find about 200 folks online. Another one Well Done BO.
  10. If Grin is going to keep some hope alive in the MP community (TVT) it would behoove them to give some information regarding approximately when we can expect TDM, SIEGE, etc… Their last two patches have been sub-par. Hence, with history as our indicator, it would seem that a summer turn around for Clan Laddering is all but vanquished. Moreover, it would appear that this game’s lack of dedi files and the like have caused it to become, quickly, a bin bargain game. My question then becomes when do you think UBI will just pull the plug? Since they are paying GRiN for their work on the alleged Summer Patches (still to come), might not someone at top management of UBI consider such further spending as throwing good money after bad? Given the former MP comminutes of R6 and [GR] it’s a shame to see such an online void for GRAW. In reality, speaking from the MP (tvt) community side, there wasn’t a whole lot that was advanced about the game. Grin turn our MP Frown upside down….
  11. No MP, no Dedi files, you could call it whatever you want and still get the same result...Poop from Bo/UBI/Grin i.e. UBI & B.U.G.
  12. Problems with a product Grin has touched, perish the thought. These guys really have lost the way. First, no MP i.e. TDM Second, early July and we don't have dates for TDM, best bet end of August Third, given the 1.16 Patch and 1.20, the TDM patch is not looking promising!!! Let TED SMITH do it! he's better able then GRin! GRiN gave us a MP frown, they cannot turn it upside down!
  13. I assume that GRAW paid YOU in Canadian dollars to play their attempt at a Ghost Recon game...
  14. The MP side of the game's fate lies with that of "Let Down." Oh Grin, you made us Frown!
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